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Rescheduled Brighton


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Even the people that bought straight from the box office may have never seen any mika website / not have the net etc. I think in the T&C of every venue there is a condition that says it is your responsibility to ring ahead and check your gig is still on before making your way there as acts of god, performer issues can be an issue blah blah. Essentially they have themselves covered and it is not their fault if you still turn up.


No doubt many have. These things happen though. Look at the Madonna gig the other week. She stopped half way through and then canceled several. At least with a gig like that its in the national news but there are still those that are none the wiser until they get there.



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:mf_rosetinted: I know you wetre all waiting - in fact to be honest had got so excited about it plus hols tomorrow and mother in law in hosp etc that I cried when I found out it was off:mf_rosetinted:


How sad is that - am nearly 40!@!!!:blink:


That's not sad ... it's a perfectly understandable reaction. I know I would cry if Friday's gig is cancelled:no:

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Well it looks like it will be May 21, at least he will have had loads of practise by then! I cried too, how very sad! It is just sooo exciting and then NO MIKA, I think his Mum should keep an eye on him, he has alot of gigs over the few weeks, dont want him to damage his beautiful voice.


Dinner last night was a rather sombre(sp) afair! Feel better this morning and have put Mika back in my CD player, tis not his fault after all. And i suppose at least now we still have 2 gigs to look forward to rather then only one : )


Well i am off back to sunny bmouth to get my kids... will be back in a few days. Miss this place already, lol

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