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Star is Mika kind of Guy


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The London Paper - thelondonbuzz

Tuesday 20th February 2007


The fanbase of chart sensation Mika is growing at a record pace - even the oldies love him. Former Queen guitarist Brian May has praised Mika, who tops the singles and albums chart, and told him to ignore his detractors.


"I think all those jealous critics are doing him a great service slagging him off," he says.


"Its building his notoreity - not that he needed it - but those who try to hurt us make us strong."


Although he has never met the young star, May thinks that he has got what it takes.


"What was it Freddie Mercury used to say? 'Talent will out'," he says.


thebuzz thinks that Brian just likes Mika's big, curly mop top.



There is a gorgeous pic of Mika in the paper, but its not on the web!!

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this is just surreal...i'm no good at listing my favorite bands or songs or artists, but there's no doubt in my mind that queen are THE number one...there's just no expressing how brilliant they are...

i mean to be compared to a genius like freddie is phenomenal, but to have brian may's stamp of approval too...i'm speachless...mika, you the man!:punk:

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