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    Currently at school by in my last year, doing GCSE's in june 2008, Does Obsessions Over Mika Count??
  1. Again I Dunno What To Say. Bt You Do All Crack Me Up. We're On Mission Guys.
  2. Where Would We Be Without Mika Amazing. As Always. He Deserves That Award 100%.
  3. This Is So Cool And So True =]
  4. Mika Has Changed Things Slightly, But Not In A Devastating Way But There Is No Harm In This, At The End Of The Day, Mika Is Still Mika And We All Love Him For Who He Is! Love Love Me xxxx
  5. Awww Thats Well Sad Though And So Many People Love Mika! He Deserves The Best And Could Get Everyone! I Would Have Him And Love Him:wub2: xxxxxx
  6. Awww How Sweet It's Different Slightly It's Not The Worst You Could Imagine...I Had A dream That He Cut All Of His Hair Off And Went Bold I Was Releived When I Woke Up And Found It Was A Dream Personally I Loved The Curls But He Still Looks Sweet! I Love Him So So Much xxxxx
  7. Omg I Love It! Don't Forget The Adiction To The MFC X
  8. omg she is so sweet she was amazing at brixton too...bless her loads and loads x
  9. Oh Yeah...white could be one too, he loves white trainers... he collects them :L
  10. I think Green because he always where those rather nice skinny green trousers and i love them to pieces It's something i associate Mika with
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