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I'm Daphne


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Hi every one..

I'm Daphne..

I'm from Somalia,I live in Qatar..

I'm 18 years old..

I'v heard of Mika 2 months ago in the radio & since then I'm totally in love with his music..

I love all the songs I heard so far..I don't have the cd tho..its not here yet in Qatar which makes me so sad,but I downloaded some of his songs..


What I love the most about Mika's music is that it really makes me smile whenever I listen to it..I mean like Grace Kelly is spouse to be an angry song but it cheers me up when I hear it...plus Mika is half arabic which makes me love him even more..


Anyway..I'm glad I found this forum..and I hope I hear alot from you guys..


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Hello Daphne !!


Nice to have you here :) Was it a station over there that played it then?



actually yeah..QBs radio is Qatar's english station & Channel 4 in the UAE...I'm searching of his album,but cant find it here..:sad:

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Hey Daphne! Great to see another person from the Arab World around here! hehehe I'm Egyptian and I live in Kuwait!


Mika's album still isn't out here in Kuwait and that sucks to infinity :( If I go into Virgin Megastore to ask for his album one more time, I think I'll be arrested for harrasment :P LOL

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