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Steve Wright in the Afternoon


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On radio 2 just now he reeled of a huge long list of names and towards the end he said Mika.

Problem is I have no idea what he was talking about at the beginning as I wasn't really listening, but my little ears pricked up at the sound of Mika's name.


Did anyone else hear this and if so what was he on about?

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I listen to R 1 mostly, so I can only take a wild guess:


Could it be that he was running down the list who is playing at T- in the Park in July, they were talking about various line ups today on R1 for that, so maybe ,,,

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Sorry radio 1 for me


Aha(Alan Partridge stylee) but Radio 2 is the new Radio1 but for the over 25`s! Thats why they have the rather sexy Russell Brand,Dermott O'Leary,Jonathon Ross etc- thats how it was sold to me an avid Radio 1 /galaxy listener and hey it worked!!

Radio 1 has Chris Moyles need I say anymore! That man makes my skin crawl and is so obnoxious!

Hubby of ill today so having to make my own breakfast and eating at the computer so not many posts today.


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