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YouTube clip - very close shot etc


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Hi ya


You might have all seen this already, but it's really well shot and shows lots of gorgeous close-ups :wub2: (Oops, I'm old enough to know better than this!)


Hope you like it. Off for the weekend now but will be having another look at the site on Monday. Take care everyone and keep on rocking:thumb_yello: xxx

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OOPS! I'm slipping, not seen that one before.

Love Martin doing his rock guitar at the end, and all the close ups of Mika, god he is so hot when he arches his eyebrows up when he is singing!:mf_lustslow:

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I haven't seen it before........it is great thanks. I am also interested as to where in East Yorks you are from as I lived near York until last year and have friends in Driffield.

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