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This is my introduction and it don't, don't make sense!


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I'm Satu from Finland and a true Mika fan! (ain't we all)

The first time I heard Mika?

I had seen the Grace Kelly-video many times on MTV and one day I needed to see (and HEAR) more Mika so over a month ago I went to Mika's Myspace and noticed he's pure talent! :mfr_omg:

( Actually made my own myspace soon after that just to add his site as my friends! haha! :roftl: )

I've watched every Mika-video on youtube and keep occasionally checking the new ones! :)

Im waiting for my copy of Life In a Cartoon Motion to arrive since ive ordered it already!!

I love all the songs in that album (what ive listened online) but if Im forced to tag one of the songs as a ultimate favourite, it could be Stuck In The Middle (but I love all of his songs..!)

Hopefully i'll get to one of his gigs soon, 'cause i really need to! :punk:


Feel free to add me to your buddylists or whatever it is you do in here!

Im glad to join you!! :yay::cheerful_h4h:



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Loved your intro! And it made sense!!!!! ;)


Mika is amazing! Super addictive and I'm waiting till the album is released in my region as well!!! Patience is a virtueeeee! hehehehehehe I love 'Stuck in the Middle' too :)


Welcome here, you'll have a blast, believe me!!!! :yay:

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