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Mika has inspired me.....


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..... to want to play the piano again :blush-anim-cl:


I haven't touched a piano in over 10 years and we sold our acoustic upright piano a long time ago!! (I gave up piano lessons to earn some hard cash.. working part time and partying hard through college!)


One of my best mates recently bought a gorgeous new Yamaha digital piano and as I sat down to it.. it all started coming back.. My hands were shaking and my brain was aching by the time I was through mucking about.. reading sheet music.. racking my brains on where my fingers should go.


I only took exams up to Grade 3, but I always felt so proud to be musical!!


Since Mika came along, it's inspired me to learn all over again!! I am going to look into getting myself a digital piano again.. learn to play some new stuff...some jazz.. go back to the classics....and some other more contemporary artists.. such as our Mika, Norah Jones and Alicia Keyes etc


I haven't been creatively challenged for a long time!! I can't wait!



Has Mika inspired any of you creatively in anyway? :blush-anim-cl:

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Top Posters In This Topic

...to sing and play instruments again and again

...to published my tales

...to accelerate my second university graduation to become really"operative" in the world

...to think that it's true: I will not get older :punk:

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wow:shocked: mika must have some weird telepathic powers, cause the exact same thing has happened to me. i studied piano for 4 years, but only the traditional sheet music kind and i had to give up because i didnt have a piano and not enough practise meant low grades and i didnt want that, so i put away my keyboard and it has only breefly seen fresh air in 7-8 years. i've always wanted to take up piano again, but i just didnt find that extra push. i did buy an acoustic guitar that has become the most cherished object i own and i'm inches away from giving it a name...oh wait! MIKA, duh...cool, i might name it mika, though i wanted to give it a girl name...anyway...the very first day i heard grace kelly i pulled the broken keyboard out of the closet and used my handyman abilities to fix it up a bit, and i started to play around with mika's songs and slowly i started to see that playing piano can be so much fun and to figure out what chord piano means and i'm taking a course on that over the net as we speak! i'm no good of course, but i came to realise that music really makes me more happy than most everything else that i do everyday, and just being able to say 'i can make my own music' is just incredibly satisfying. and i'm just so thankful to the great man for bringing it all back to me

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i'm just so thankful to the great man for bringing it all back to me


Yay for you!! :thumb_yello: I forgot how wonderful classical music was!


Hey maybe Mika and Luke Juby could give us a masterclass :shocked:


Could you imagine!!! :naughty:

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