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Mika's french fans


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Hi everybody!

At first, i don't speak english very well, i hope you'll understand me!

My name is Caroline, I live in Nice (Côte d'Azur) in France, i'm 26 years old, i 'm flutist.

I discovered Mika one month ago on the french (great!) TV show "Taratata" and i'm totally crazy about him. I love all his songs, perhaps "my interpretation" a little bit more...

His show in Paris is sold out (only 700 tickets),that's a pity... i don't know how i could wait until the next one!

Greetings from France


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hi there,



:punk: welcome to our global world!!!:punk:

Enjoy your life with us, we are a very friendly bunch ....the Mika sound site in France is brilliant, so much more colourful than the one over here!!:punk: I love it!!:punk:

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Hey Caroline!

Welcome to MFC!!

Hope you'll have fun here!



Oh, Im sorry you couldn't get to his Paris gig.

But isn't it good he keeps the gigs small? :wink2:

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hello, caroline! welcome! make yourself at home!


although I've been going to france on holiday for 3 years on a row, my french's pretty pityful, I wouldn't dare testing it here.. :blush-anim-cl: our boy speaks such a good french instead! *envious* :wink2:

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