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Mika is wonderful


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Hi my name is Jacqui and I live in West Sussex (UK). Unfortunately, I missed out on the tickets to see Mika in Brighton:thumbdown:


I am 42 years young. I first heard Mika's voice on the radio a couple of months ago. I wasn't certain first time round but I have become hooked ever since and can not get enough. I brought his cd 'life in cartoon motion' when it first hit the shops but now I have to search high and low for it because my 11 year old daughter keeps on pinching it!!!!!


Looking forward to chatting with other Mika fans.:wub2:

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Hi Jacqui!

I know, I can't get enough either!

Omg, my cd player isn't playing right now!

*Goes to play some more Mika*

You know, Im hooked too!


This's the only one fanclub i've ever been but seems like the best one!


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