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Hello from Virginia Beach, Virginia - USA


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Hello All,


OK this is my second try at this, lost my first try :blink: . Tried to get too cute with the Smilies.


I meant to register about a month or so ago, but just never got around to it. Too busy surfing the various Mika sites on the web, myspace.com/mika, youtube, etc. I finally decided “Just Do Itâ€Â! So here I am. I’ve been a Mika fan since the first time I heard “Grace Kelly†on the local radio station. I knew right off he was something special, and the more I’ve learned about him only confirms my first opinion. I really like how he seems so grounded, it sounds like he has a good family that will keep him in a good place mentally. I really believe that Mika is going to be huge!


I have also introduced my two daughters to Mika, my daughters are 14 and 11, I love to watch my 11 year old sing “Lollipopâ€Â, she has it down pat (too cute). I have proof of my Mika addiction, I changed my pug’s myspace site to a pug and Mika site (the pug is not happy).


I’m currently listening to the Mika album online through AOL, they are hosting some sort of “CD playing partyâ€Â. The only album that I’m even interested in is Mika’s, I’ve been playing it here at work all day. I love every single song! You know how normally you will get an album and like this song, or that song. Well I can honestly say I love them all. I can’t wait until I can buy it tomorrow, maybe I should buy two, I might wear one out. It has driven me nuts that we couldn’t buy the album here in the states until the 27th, it’s just not fair. I am also looking forward to Mika touring the US sometime soon (hopefully). I would love to try and get up to NYC at the end of the month, to that Borders event. But the likelihood of that happening is most likely nill (but I can dream can’t I). Take care.

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Hi Marianne!


I'm your neighbor to the north, up here in Northern VA! Wish I could go to NYC later this week, too, but I have to do the responsible parent thing as well... Anyhow, have fun here -- it's a great place! :)



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