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Mika - ringmaster of the absurd pop-circus


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THE SCAN IS FOR SCANDINAVIAN PEOPLE.. lol.. Go look at the bottom


I don't know how to translate all the words, so i'll just make up my own ones instead! like this *word i don't know*.. and my comments (*I would love to twang…*)

Rember, things were first translated into Danish, now into English. This is not what he really said..


Mika - ringmaster of the absurd pop-circus


The old London-playhouse Koko with its red walls, *things* and huge discoball were the perfect frame for popworlds hottest shooting star pt, when he in the end of february made a *overstrung* concert, which had more in commen with a childrens birtday and newyears eve. Mika, or Mica Penniman, had just had a cold, and was now able to reach the extremely high notes, which is normally reserved MEW-fans and dogs. The show offered a cornucopia of glittercanons, gigantic balloons, dancers dressed as monkeys and littlegirl-dolls, plus to "buxom" cowgirls under the muffintop-hymn Big Girls.


The day after the happening has Mika invited the press over, but the timeplan has slipt, so the last handfuld of interviews is put together to a *roundtable-meeting*, where GAFFA shares time with a couple of german tabloid-magazines, that tried to get a clarification on the singers sexuality. (You don’t have to be the sharpest lamp post (*meaning most clever person*), to see that he’s straight as the Pisa Tower). But the only 23-yearold Mika, has learned that privacy is called privacy, because it’s private. And that’s what the germans is told. You have probably already heard single Grace Kelly. Or else you are incontrovertibly going to, and also the rest of the flamboyant Life In Cartoon Motion-album, that on a imperceptible manner mixes the sound of Scissor Sisters, Queen, The Darkness, Robbie Willams and Rufus Wrainwright. There’s high to the vault (*can you even say that*), and Mika’s not to fine not to curry favour with the lowest pop-common denominators (*lol*), with a twinkle in his eye.

Either you hate his shallow (*what the f***) compositions, or else you surrender to his colourful and pushy pop-pearls…


The School’s irrelevant:

(*finally, the interview.. Lets see how much I can screw this up*)

Lebanese born Mica Penniman quickly found out, that the music was his call, even though he was bullied heavily in school, and kept out for being different because of his interest.

“I was a little chubbier as child, or a lot, ‘cos now I’m thin as a rake (*a cute rake!*). I sang, I collected toys and liked art. They called me everything from gay to “him with the fat mom”. There are two types of children: the leaders and those who worships them, but I didn’t want to worship the fatheads (*lol*). School’s a very artificial place, completely irrelevant in comparison to the real world. I’m glad I found out in an early age, and it helped me survive the bullying.

Interviewer: “were the resistance a motivating power to prove, that you’re something special?”

“No, I’ve nothing to prove, I’m not Eminem. I was destroyed in school, everyone tried to crush me, so I was very quit – the older I get, the more childish I act.

A fact that not only his nicely naïve music and show proves, but also the fact that he can’t sit still in his chair, overall makes him appear like a kid who’d rather be out playing (*I’ll play with you*)


Japanese cartoons and David Bowie


There’s a lot, that has to go wrong, if Mika’s not going to be the popstar of the year. Which he with a huge number of hitlist-firstplaces home in the UK already is. Even though everything seems to go smoothly for the singer, not everybody thought he would succeed.

- I was living a double life. I studied classical music in the day, and made popmusic in the evening. I had to work as a waiter to afford recording my own music. I knew that I wouldn’t want to be a classical musician, but no one was interested in his demos.

But some people saw Mikas abilities, which were inspired by everything from Prince, David Bowie to Japanese cartoons, but they’d rather make him someone else.

- They told me all the time, that I should make a David Craig record,. A Robbie W-record, a David Gray-record, but I didn’t want to become a popstar, I want to be the ringmaster of the absurd popcircus (*of course he will, and I’ll let him*). To archive anything in life, you have to be equal shares of hardworking and suffer from delusions (*cute*). And the delusions and dreaming seems to be the most important part. Mika will be playing at Vega, Copenhagen 6th of April (*I bloody know, and I wanna go*)


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Awww, excellent job! :) Can't wait for the rest!


They wanted him to be like David Gray? I like David Gray, but compared to Mika, Gray is super boring!


It's a good thing the people at Casablanca appreciate Mika's unique style of music :wink2:

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