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hey all :)


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hi my name's Fina, im 15 years old and im from Indonesia, heheh.. :cheerful_h4h:


actually i wasnt really into music and wasnt really care too much about it until i heard Grace Kelly on my friend's iPod, and now i find myself signing up to mika's fan club,,lol. I watch every single mika's interview and live on youtube and collect his pictures.. I just love him so much!


I love all his songs but i think my favourites are Grace Kelly and Billy Brown.. ;)


sorry if my english is poor :P nice to meet u all!

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hey !

my name is Sophie ,

i live in south of france ( pau )

i've registered to mikafanclub about 5minutes ago !

i love with his music ... so happy to be here:roll1: :roll1:

see ya !

xxx xxx xxx

(i hope my english will be understoodable on my next posts)


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