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Mika: 'pop Is About Beauty And Class'


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Lebanese pop singer MIKA is annoyed at questions regarding his sexuality, insisting being a pop star has nothing to do with who they sleep with. The GRACE KELLY singer, who refuses to answer questions about his own sexual orientation, claims that legendary pop stars DAVID BOWIE and PRINCE were famed for their "beauty" and not necessarily their sexuality. The 23-year-old says, "Sexuality in pop is genderless. If you look at icons such as Bowie or Prince, has it got to do with actual sexual orientation? No Has it got to do with style, beauty and class, irrelevant to whether you want to f**k them? Yes."



08/04/2007 22:46

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if only he wasnt so cute...I mean,would you like to sleep with Bowie?Dont think so...


wait...to my opinion David Bowie was sooo attractive and cool!! of course now he could be my grandfather but he's been one of the most flamboyant and sexiest singers of the world!!

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