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All Mika Videos/apearances/interviews...


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hello :)


ok another IDEA! im not sure if anyone did it before.... so let me know k?


i thought to start a PAGE online....with ALL mika videos..like from YouTube...MYSpace etc :)


it might b ALOT of work! but i can try :)


so let know if its a good idea?


hmmmm AND! let me know if u have an idea on how to do it so i wont get confused with all of them! LOL ;)


i think we should do it orgenised like:


Name Of File: (like: mika on JAY LENO).

Place: NBC - The Tonight Show

Date - March 26, 2007.

More Details you night have:


it would b wonderfull.. i think to have everything :) no?


ill put deferent sections... like:




English intervies


french intervies....






so it wil b more fun to look threw it :)


ok u can post the links here or email me at:


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yes i thought it would b a lot of work... ok im thinking of an easy way to do it :)


u know a good site that give this option? i think i know some...i need to look into it ...

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hi,I just post today about this I have videos from youtube and daily motion (concerts and interviews)date by date from november to now .I finished today the month of february and I'm in the middle of the month of March! I was doing it just for fun and I realise that would be fun to share with you guys!!!Maybe we can do it together ,I don't know how but we can come up with something!

Natalie x

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It's a huge work!


I have my own playlist on You Tube, where is about 80 videos of Mika. But some of them are not available. I mean, you can make the list, but, until you complete it, some of these videos are not available anymore. Like Solo in Amsterdam, for example.

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Sivan that's a great idea!! (as always) i'm already doing this on my own for the videos on my computer but making a web page online would be really great!! so anyone could be updated on every performance/interview!:punk:


if i can help you count me in!!

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