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Taking the plunge


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Hello, everybody!


I registered a few days ago, but had been trying not to post due to the fact that I already spend enough time listening to Mika, watching youtube vids, etc, and thought that I'd better keep what remains of my sanity and time to myself.


But then again, I also thought I'd wait a few weeks or so after first hearing "Grace Kelly" to buy the album, and instead ran out and bought it two days later. :blush-anim-cl: Literally ran, too.


Anyway, my sister first linked me to the music video after I asked for recommendations of music that sounded like 70s Queen, and while I wouldn't say that's exactly what Mika sounds like, I've been obsessed ever since. All my friends are tired of hearing about Mika. All the people I ran into who aren't my friends (including some well-known musicians I got to meet recently) are tired of hearing about Mika. (Because, of course, what else would I talk to them about?) Heck, Perez Hilton will soon be tired of hearing me talk about Mika. But I'm hoping you guys won't be. ;-)



Things I love about Mika other than the songs: his curly hair, because all the British singers I love have to have curly hair. (No, really, it's a pattern.) His suspenders/braces, because hey, that's what I wear! I have to like a man who shares my fashion taste. He even has my socks. Though thanks to you guys, I can know that we do NOT share the same taste in underwear.


I'm an American fan, and hoping Mika will indeed come back here this summer, because I first discovered him 3 days after he did the show in NY. (Dammit! I live by there.) I'm actually trying to figure out whether the job I am hoping to get for this summer will be flexible enough to allow me to attend his shows, and whether I should take it if it requires me to work evenings.


Yeah, it's bad.


Oh well, no cure for it, I suppose!

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Hi JackViolet!


Lovely introduction!

As you can maybe notice, I've done absolutely nothing to slow me down with my addiction... :naughty:

Even so, Im still very alive and happy as ever so It can't be that bad... :D


Hope to see you on the forums! :)

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