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Hello from Coimbra, Portugal!


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Hi everyone! The first time I heard Mika was on the radio, Grace Kelly. I loved it! Waited for the album, bought it and I am thrilled! It's great! I am completly :mf_lustslow: !!! I was searching on the web for more information about Mika and found this club fan website. I had to join! It is the second fan club I join, only the better ones have me on their fan club!:biggrin2: I am sorry for my bad English, I don't practice very much... Well, I am very happy for making part of this community!

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Ola Ana, divirte-te aqui!

Coimbra is beautiful and so is Mika:mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow:


I have friends in Portugal (Lisboa and Cascais) and am doing my best to convert them to Mikadom and when I go on holiday there in July I expect Mika to be HUGE!!!:thumb_yello:

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