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Grace Kelly is number one in the charts of Germany's biggest radio station!!!


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And again Mika made my day. Today I got into a traffic jam and it was soo hot in the car for I don't have air condition, so I opened all my windows. The result was that suddenly I realized that the guy in the car next to me also started to rock along to my personal car driving soundtrack which is called "Life in Cartoon Motion". :punk: Maybe I should say that I always HAVE to turn Mikas music almost up to the limit :wink2:

This was so funny :thumb_yello:.

Then as soon as I had parked my car I went to a shoe store ....and they were playing Grace Kelly in there...

I just thought: OK, now they finally got it :wink2:


MIKA rulez!!

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Yep, Mika rulez absolutely! But in Poland it's only on 17th posistion of best albums... I checked it today, when I was in music shop. And while I was rooting in music I heard Any other world, then Billy Brown, Big girl and so on... I couldn't help humming, people were looking weird at me, but who cares? Mika sounds so very good! :D

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:wink2: since I have LICM constantly in my cd player my emo brother happens to sneak around here quite often.

Last time as he came in he said...


"uuugh, your music is soooo *with a (visibly) played disgusted face* ....cheerful!"


I reckon he likes it :wink2:

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