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Hi everybody!!I come from Italy...i'm 19...I discover mika hearing to the radio 3months ago...I'm sorry for me english...!I don't understand if mika is gay?!I think he's not gay,but I don't know...however he's very good and elegant...and he's well dressed!!very well...!

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Hi Evyline! :)

Welcome to the club!

Mika's sexual orientation has nothing to do with his music...

Let's enjoy what we have!


for me it's not a problem if he's gay...and his music is very very very good... i love especially "relax","any other world","stuck in the middle","my interpretation"...the all album is amazing...and he's gorgeous...

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heyy welcome... about the "is mika gay part" i know it would defetively kill the ":wub2: i'm gonna marry mika:wub2: " fantasy(my ultimate fantasy:blush-anim-cl: ) if he was gay but if he wasn't neither of us is gonna marry him( i hate reality:thumbdown: ) so it doesn't really matter. i dnt know if he is gay or not but his music is really great n that's all that matter. take care :)

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