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Listen to spring-time songs


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From today's Sun:




April 17, 2007


THE blossom is out, the sun is shining and Britain's beaches are packed – spring has officially arrived!


But no one really wants to work when the weather's so nice.


So, just to make things a little easier, I've got a selection of fantastic spring-time songs to brighten up your day...


Sit back and chill out to TAKE THAT'S smash hit single Shine, or daydream to the sultry tones of AMY WINEHOUSE'S You Know I'm No Good or MIKA'S infectious Grace Kelly.


The songs are all featured on new CD called Essential Songs: Spring Collection, which is in shops now.



Choose a song and click on the relevant link below:

(You'll have to visit the actual article for these links)


Grace Kelly - Mika


Love Fool - Cardigans


Made-Up Love Song #43 - The Guillemots


Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs


Shine - Take That


What You're Made Of - Lucie Silvas


Wonderful World - James Morrison


You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse

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...I love "Shine" by Take that...I've always loved this band, And I became very sad when they let down the band... now I can smile again :punk:


<<Hey let me know you

You're all that matters to me

Hey let me show you

You're all that matters to me.


Hey let me love you

You're all that matters to me

Hey so come on yeah

Shine all your light over me.>>


...Dedicated to Mika :wub2:

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