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If you are reading this then you will notice that the forums are back online.


They went offline for around 4 hours due to a server upgrade.


The new server is much more expensive, and should hopefully be much better.


HOWEVER, there will be teething problems initially. So please report any errors to Elena (MikaBlog), or to : admin@mikablog.com


Please note that the new server is more than 10 times more expensive than the previous one, so all of your kind donations will ensure that we can maintain it.


If you are not in a position to donate, then you can still help the fan club. Simply promote the fan club by linking to it. Try and recruit new members from music forums, celeb forums, add links to the forum from your websites, signatures on other forums, Myspace pages etc....


We really appreciate your support, and look forward to ensuring that MikaFanClub remains the BEST Mika site on the net.



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Thanks for the upgrade -- I feel like I've been given a little present :)


I'll donate again soon, too -- can't imagine going without my daily MFC fix!


Thanks again!



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Sunny told me that some members could not use Paypal, but were able to donate via IBAN.


We now have the IBAN setup, so we can accept international payments.


Please, do not donate more than you can afford, but every bit helps.


PM me if you would like to donate via IBAN.



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Hi guys.


I have been fixing some bugs on the forum.


The attachments in forum posts, and the downloads system should now be working again.


Could someone please test the events/calendar systems?


Secondly... the issue with seeing the old forum should be resolved within the next 12 hours. :thumb_yello:


Thanks for your patience.

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Thank you for all the work you do here!!!

I would like to donate as well, and I sent a question to Sunny quite a while ago about if I can transfer some cash somewhere, but didn't get any reply. It seems like I can't then, but let me know if it's possible. Thanks again.

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