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can i get away with it?


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:biggrin2: so mika is coming to ny on june 15 as you all know... but the venue is only 16 or older. i will be 16 like 2 months after the show, but i'd be going with a girl who is almost 17. don't worry, i'm not really little, i'll be a highschool junior next year, i'm young for me age. but i was wondering if there's anyway that they can really tell if you're 16. i look the age, i'm tall. i don't think so, i mean 18, you have an id, but 16? can anyone let me know if im right? and who else is going? im SO freaking excited!! do you know if he's expected to announce any more us for over the summer or is this it? :emot-sad: thanks guys!
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i just wanted to let you all know that my dad emailed the theater and they said that they absolutely would be checking. WHO KNOWS if this is true, but I would hate to see any of you get turned away, so my mom bought a ticket, but i told her that she can't stand up in the front because she has to leave room for mika fan clubbers lol. i just wanted to let you guys know!

hope to see some of you there!

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