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Hello! ;)


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Wow, nifty thing goin on here:bleh:


I first heard Mika on the radio one day, and I was like, "who sings this?!" and the next day I saw him on TV singing the same song and I recognized him, found out his name and downloaded some of his songs!

And since then Ive been obsessed...haha


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Top Posters In This Topic

Well, If You're Obsessed, You've Came To The Right Place! Everybody Here Talks About MIKA 24/7! So You Can Get Your MIKA FIX Daily. Plus, We Always Have The Most Updated, And Secret MIKA News From Around The World, The Moment It Happens. We Can Also Get In Touch With MIKA Through Other People In The MFC Group, So If You're Obsessed, You're Gonna Love It Here. If You Need Any Help, Come Talk To Me. Schock

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