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Can Anyone Coming To The Party In Leeds...


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....please go to Concerts,gigs,tours and performances, May 13th Meet Up thread.

There you can put who you are and what you are bringing with you to make this party go with a bang! (needed are mostly food and drink)

There was loads of people staying a few weeks ago. Please don't leave it to the usual crowd, if you are coming help out!! Its only fair!

After all its MFC we are all in this together!!

If you don't want to come then you can also say so on that thread.


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:roftl: :roftl: :roftl:


Has anyone got some sounding proofing material too or a tent for when we get booted out:shocked:


hahahaha we should set up a tent on a street corner just incase eh :roftl: :roftl:

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Yeh thats true , I will make an exception and bring some drinkies for you , what do you like Kata :biggrin2:


anything with alcohol :biggrin2: Hehe there has to be something open somewhere, I'll bring something, just can't say what yet :doh:

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we will be in a big city, there will be a shop nearby, bo problem, will all be fab:biggrin2:


Yesss there will be loads of fast food places i am sure :biggrin2:


Id be craving a sub way sandwich hehehe

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