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Another hi from Holland! :D


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Hey everyone, another newbie! Since a few days i'm looking for everything off Mika on the internet - so i've found this site to!


Hmm, first time i've heard Mika... I don't it exactly, but the first time when i saw Grace Kelly :shocked::roftl: Love his voice, eh.. Actually I love éverything of Mika (his laugh is way to cute :biggrin2: ) Do I have to say more? :wub2:


Anyway you want to, anyway you've got to, love love me, love love me, love love! :biggrin2:


X- Jolijn


Oh yeah and i've seen already that there is a big population of Dutchies here :mf_rosetinted:

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Yup! There are many Dutchies here! Hopefully Mika will come to Holland very very soon..since there are so many Dutchies here he has a good reason to come :naughty: lol :biggrin2:

Anyway..Welcome to MFC en veel plezier!

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