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HI to all Mika fans:))


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:biggrin2: Hi, my name's Kate, i'm from russia. Well, guess i wont be any original to say the first song i've heard was Grace Kelly. I first saw the video on mtv and was kinda surprised to find myself not walking but jumping :biggrin2: around since then. Grace Kelly was "taking space in my head" for the whole week making me grinning and dancing all the time. Honestly, its quite typical for me, but no SUCH amount of grinning and dancing.:bleh: My friends almost started laughing at me. :biggrin2: After that I somehow changed skirts for skinny jeans and aquired wierd giggle and swatch watches with circles and parrots :biggrin2: So it keeps going on and on since then:mfr_lol:

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