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  1. I LOVE your signature!! What video is it from?
  2. I think it's JUST FINE. I mean , according to the preliminary pics I was ready to see smth big and a bit confusing, but it appeared to be so sweet and down to earth. I mean it's like a real life and at the same time smth completely demented and surreal. I LIKE IT SO MUCH:punk:
  3. Ha-ha-ha , demented:roftl: :roftl:
  4. Yep, I ve read it somewhere in the interview, but I havent found them yet , so maybe i was mistaken:sneaky2:
  5. Hey guys , tell me if i'm wrong, are we talking about this secret society on Mika's oficial site? because if so... i dont see what the problem is. It was really easy to get there, I mean I just registered a coulpe of weeks ago... There are some downloads, but we've seen them all already. But maybe you are talking bout some other secret society???
  6. I have the same watch too!!! They are so cool:biggrin2: I looking for the blue square nike digitals now:biggrin2:
  7. F!@@#$@!! That's just what I do! I have 3!!!! cds with copies:boxed: I'm so obsessive! It gives me creeps!
  8. You know that you're obsessed when your friend( who doesnt really know who Mika is) hears so much about him from you , that she starts to like his name nd she wants to call her new dog that. and you go: NO-o-o-o, you cant do it !!!! It's MINE!!!!! :)
  9. o-o-o, I cant co-o-o-ok:thumbdown: I think I'll bring a bag of carrots:roftl:
  10. I'm wearin converses right now. I dont have a picture, but they are flamboyant pink-orange-violet:biggrin2: I just love them:bleh:
  11. Hi, I'm not a Londoner, but I have some suggestions. Go to the London Zoo for in this case you can be completely sure to step on the same ground that Mika stepped, ha-ha. Then go to Dungeon - it's on Tooley street - VERY funny place, with vampires, fluorescent sceletons boats and lots of funny stuff. And if you like art definitely go to Tate modern - its really cool:biggrin2:
  12. Ha-ha-ha! I thought his surname was Penniman not Petrelly:roftl:
  13. Guess that's the right way. I've marked red hte words you missed:biggrin2:
  14. I vote for personality, but i dont believe in this "50 years from now" thing! Personality matters right here right now:biggrin2:
  15. Am I the only lonly one who likes them? I think they are cool, you know ...custom-made and stuff, ha-ha
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