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  1. Happy birthday!:boing:

  2. Romis

    Happy birthday! :yay:

  3. Hello and Welcome Moreen !
  4. I also went to the concert. It was wicked ! Everyone was singing along. My fav song was : love today or lollypop I didn't get an autograph after though, he was only 10mins at the back Where did you guys go after the concert to meet Mika ? A bar ? Coz I'd really like an autograph ! Btw vive lollypop-girl she's really friendly ! Gave her a MFC badge
  5. I don't think I have - because when I get up I never remember them
  6. Hope it works out for you CATH85 ! ... btw what are you all going to wear ? I have no idea !
  7. EnFa : Did you get the link to the vid that I sent to you by pm ?
  8. none, 0, zero ... I haven't even been to a concert yet ! btw It doesn't mean I don't love him !
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