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Greetings Peeps,

I have been lurking in the shadows of this fantastic site for a while and have decided that I should say hello.

I found the forum off mika's forums on the website and think that more people seem to post more interesting things here.

Im 22, of reasonable age to harbour a school girl crush on a popstar, of course lol. Im from near Birmingham, go to uni there, well did, I'm now in the limbo of studentness, graduation and unemployment lol.

I saw Mika at the academy on the 17th of May and have to say it was the best night of my life, even if I had an exam the next day lol.

So all in all,



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hello SpikeyBunny


Welcome to the Mika Fan Club


and yes your right this forum is a whole lot more active than the official one :punk:


I went to the Birmingham Academy Gig aswell it was Brilliant wasnt it :blush-anim-cl:

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It was fantastic, everything I had built it up to be. I had been to see meatloaf at the NEC the night before but sorry meatloaf, Mika beat that hands down. I cant believe it was £12 for the ticket when I booked it too, what a bargin!!:wub2:

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