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Hello All - I Have Arrived!


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Hello everyone. Im Laura.


I am new to mika and have joined coz i wanna know more! :wink2: Grace Kelly is to blame for me starting to love his music. Its all i listen to atm :biggrin2:


I am ashamed to say i still havent bought his album but am planning to today! :biggrin2:


Looking forward to talking to fellow fans :thumb_yello:

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Bought it today and love it, love it, love it! and my fav pic of him is in the booklet so i am very chuffed :biggrin2:


Before i just used to listen to his music on the pc or my phone and when i got the cd and wacked it on in the car, it is amazing what bass can do to a song!


Best buy in a very long time :thumb_yello:


Thanks for all your welcomes! Mika fans are so lovely :biggrin2:

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