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Oldie but goodie

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I'm sure this article must have been posted on here at some point, but since it's such a well-written piece with tons of interesting info - and because a bunch of people, myself included have only discovered Mika recently, and this was written in February - I thought I'd risk a re-post and throw this one out there:





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""I feel giddy, " he says. "I giggle in radio interviews, and my friends tell me off because my laugh embarrasses them.""



I think i recall seeing this before, but its nice to read again! thanks! his family sound fab!

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:bleh: thanx for posting!

it was one of the first articles I've read on Mika ....well, by now months ago:bleh:


well written, indeed, without all that is-he-isnt-he speculation yet...

and such a warm bit about the family!


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