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  1. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    The Italian version already existed, but although I like Eugenio Finardi I prefer Mika's version. I was really impressed h
  2. Mika in Italian Press 2017

    Not very good quality Tele7.pdf
  3. Mika in Italian Press 2017

    I'll post the PDF files tomorrow morning
  4. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Tutti pronti per stasera? Vi preparate un secchiello di pop corn o la tisana calda? Io tisana e copertina, poi si capisce perché non resisto fino alla fine
  5. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    The fact with Luciana is that you either love her or loathe her. I can't watch Casa Mika until the end, it's too late for me, so I realized that she was playing Lolita again ('cause it's an old character of hers) at the last recording I attended, the 1st of November. And I thought it was a weird choice, considering that Luciana is now a middle age woman, but then it occured to me that maybe Mika (or better his co-authors, because I'm pretty sure Mika was not aware of Luciana's impersonation of Lolita) is joking about women trying to seduce him badly, while he's trying to turn them down . I may be totally wrong, this is just my interpretation (one of my favourire songs, by chance), but since as I started thinking like this I can appreciate Luciana-Lolita again.
  6. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I agree with everything you say, above all about Ilaria Dallatana's leaving and its effects in promoting the show. The audience is not more conservative this year than one year ago, and the competition among TV channels is not new as well. The only news are the show not being a surprise anymore and Ilaria Dallatana's resignation
  7. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    No, unfortunately the show is not doing well from a quantative point of view. The first episode had a 9% share, the second one a 7%. I can't explain why, the show is lovely and Mika is much more confident this year. I reckon that Tuesday is not the right day for a variety show, and that the episodes are really long and last until late at night (at least it's late if you wake up at 6 a.m. 😂), but I don't think these are the real reasons of such a drop of the audience
  8. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Interessante come la pensiamo tutti diversamente. A me Rossy De Palma non ha fatto una gran impressione quest'anno, forse perché avevo un ricordo talmente grandioso dell'anno scorso che non di meglio non si poteva fare. Stranamente, mi è piaciuta Laura Chiatti: non l'avrei mai detto Guanciale non pervenuto anche per me per me è stato il momento migliore di tutta la serata
  9. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Lui stesso ha detto che la domenica registra solo dei ritagli, infatti io e le mie amiche eravamo un po' dispiaciute di non averlo mai sentito cantare le SUE canzoni. Il mercoledì è un'altra cosa, anche se l'altro ieri mancavano alcuni ospiti in programma si respirava lo stesso un'altra aria
  10. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    In bocca al lupo a chi ha mandato l'e-mail per l'8! Io quest'anno sono stata molto fortunata, ho partecipato a tre registrazioni e sono ancora sulla nuvoletta
  11. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I had the same impression about Gregory, he strongly reminds me Sendak's charachters. I don't want to duplicate or spoil the subtitling team's work, anyway in a few words Gregory is a childhood friend of Mika who is suffering of depression and Mika tries to help him by staying by his side. It was a very touching speech, anyone who has experienced depression (I mean the clinical one, not just being sad for a while) can identify him/herself in Mika's words. In that moment he was using very simple but direct words, my husband and I were both really moved.
  12. happy birthday dearest friend!! :huglove:

    1. zia Giovi

      zia Giovi

      Thanks, darling :hug:

  13. I haven't much spare time ATM, so I can't guarantee I can translate in a couple of days but if you still need volunteers for Stasera Casa Mika subtitles and there's no one else available, I can do a part of the job. In the worst case, you'll wait one day more

    1. Subtitling Team

      Subtitling Team

      Sorry for not answering, we (or rather I, DerMoment1608, mostly managing the Subs Team account) didn't see your post. We get an email if someone writes a personal message but as I have realized now not when someone posts on our profile. We didn't want to ignore you, even if it probably looked like it :shocked:


      So thank you very much for offering :) We have enough helpers for now. But if we should need help for future episodes (if some of us don't have enough time for example), we may would contact you if you are alright with that :)

    2. zia Giovi

      zia Giovi

      Dont' worry, I myself am not sure how to send messages with the new MFC site. I'm a real mess with these tech things :blink:

      if you need help, just write me


  14. Ciao da Barby

    Ciao Barby! ❤
  15. Mika in Italian Press 2017

    Not a refined work, but still better than nothing: here's the translation of Tu Style magazine I’ll make you fly as Jules Verne did Mika takes his show to Rai 2 once again. Offering “A place created from fantasy” And a thousand sparks. Both to his guests and to his audience Speaking to Mika is something like a scuba diving session. You begin with a standard question about what’s new on the second season of his show, made of 4 episodes to be aired on Raid Due starting from Tuesday 31 of October, and you end up talking about Jules Verne, the changes on TV shows in the last fifty years and even about the fragility of national identity in Italy and in the Arabic countries. Because Mika, besides being a talented entertainer and a virtuoso in singing, is also a pop intellectual capable to mix high and low, quotes from classic literature and people’s massive common knowledge and taste. And all of this always adding a touch of humbleness and congeniality that make him someone, in his very own way, unique in show business. “But I’m not a scholar, I’m just curious”, tries to hide himself the Lebanese popstar. “My father is an intellectual, not me, and my brother as well. He’s an architect and has been working on a housing project on Lampedusa island. And here is where you really measure someone’s substance, cause it’s quite easy building for wealthy people, or for the banks. That’s way too easy”, he says. Which surprises are in your show? The core is always the same idea to show my real way of living. This show is kind of my personal musical. The big news this year is, besides Luciana Littizzetto, a magical door switching not only space but time as well. It’s similar to Jules Verne’s novel “Five weeks in a balloon”. In every show I’ll step into the living room of a normal family living in Milan in 1967. A chance to ponder on all the changes over the last 50 years. Everyone’s saying you’ve made a miracle, giving new life to the TV gender of variety, which seemed to be slowly dying But variety can’t die! Galas are variety, the Oscars’ are variety. Variety is Dalida in Canzonissima. Speaking for myself, I grew up with the Brit Awards. I remember that as a kid I wanted to be on that stage. What can be better, for a kid, to dispose of an expression space as the one variety shows offer? There are talent shows, like X Factor I love talent shows, but they don’t cover the whole spectrum. Stasera Casa Mika is not only about the singing performance. It gives my guests a fantasy place, with no borders between genders, between singing and art, or entertainment. I always try to make my guests feel free and at ease. As I’d do in my real house. On the same subject of the power of imagination, or imagination holding the power, you collaborated with the Literature Nobel prize winner in 1997, Dario Fo Yeas, and we also wrote a play together I’m now using in my show. Dario was a special person: an enfant terrible. He was in love with life, and I felt no age gap when I was with him. He had two opposite sides: one stricly intellectual, the other very popular one. He had multiple facets and was very contradictory, as may artists are. Pompous persons are horrified: you are putting side by side George Michael and Dario Fo, the creator of the grammelot and the king of pop music The were both huge in what they did, and there’s no first or second ranking when you are facing real artists You are proud of your curiosity, but you are apparently stable in your love life: you are an item with your partner since over 10 years. Do you plan to have children? Yes, of course, the time will come. But right now I’m still quite concentrated on my ego, and when you have kids you have to make them room. Within a few years, who knows. You were born in Beirut 34 years ago, but you lived in the Uk, in France and in the USA thereafter. Why have chosen Italy in the latest years? ‘cause a slightly mad TV manager asked me to join the X Factor team. I didn’t want to, to be honest, but my partner convinced me to have a try. He said “Do it. What do you think will happen, in the worst case? You’d may end up being kitch. Remember that even David Bowie had a go at movies acting”. He convinced me. Do you like our country? Really a lot. When I’m travelling to southern Italy I feel as if there are two countries. One leaning towards the Mediterranean sea and one towards Mitteleurope. I’ve not understood so far what keeps the two together: they have the Queen in the UK, the President and the myth of capitalism in the US, but what about Italian people? It looks a bit similar to the Arabian countries They do have a worse situation. They built borders which ripped families apart, destroyed whole ethnicities, they forced Bedu tribes to establish. A real hell. For me especially, being someone who feels a bit nomad and country less. Don’t you think that immigration discussions have reached hysteria? No, I don’t think so. Italians show their generosity even in the little thing. On the other side, I find hysteria in England, in the press and in the politicians’ speeches. Can we expect a new album, after the TV show? The new single, It’s my house, will be the theme song of my TV show. Then, at the beginning of 2018, the whole album will be released