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  1. thankyou for telling me! :wink2:

    can't wait to see my chicken pin on the jacket! :teehee::chkn:

  2. I received your pins today:wink2:

  3. 我讚成ping的idea呀! 不過隻donkey如果畫既要用咩顏料畫架? 但係我地仲未諗要整幾大張wor... 同埋你地想塊布係打橫or打直呀? 我就覺得打橫好d... 我最想就係攞住塊布同佢合照...hehe:roftl:
  4. HALO!!!我返黎喇! 嘩!咁好玩點可以唔預埋我呢? 做衫,做書同做百家布都幾好丫! 我想講我以前在mfc都參加過做百家布的project, 每人做一塊正方型既patch,之後有一個fan負責車埋成為一大塊百家布! mika收到時好鐘意,仲將塊布放左上London某一個gig的stage tim! 我諗mika都唔會咁快再黎hk,所以我地有好多時間整呀!!!
  5. wow...utada! I love her! I don't even know mika and utada are friends! that sounds great!
  6. yes!she's winleelee!the gal who gave mika the bear hat!!! thx for your photos,she'll be very happy!!! and welcome to the chinese thread too!
  7. 希望我地真係可以meet到佢啦! 我都有諗住送野比佢呀!我仲寫信比佢tim! 我都希望可以親手送比佢呀... 我想搵mika影相同簽名!!!我會帶埋2隻碟去! i'm so excited!
  8. 我都有send e-mail呀,不過太遲lu... 唔通meet and greet一個MFC都冇份!? 不過唔緊要!我地12月應該可以同mika見面既!
  9. 1.we are golden 2.good gone girl 3.Loverboy 4.blame it on the girls 5.Rain
  10. can't wait to meet u guys and mika as well! should we have a dress code or doing something ...so that mika can recognize us?
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