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  1. I had an argument with a friend who really likes cream slices. I hate cream slices. She told me this morning that she's going to pop into the local supermarket to get some stuff because she's making her mum dinner and she mentioned that she might buy some cream slices. We had this argument after over some reason or another and she said stuff that was rather hurtful, so out of spite, I went to the supermarket and bought every cream slice they had so there would be none for her. I forgot she could go to the shop down the road. I hate cream slices. I have no money, and 96 cream slices. The words "epic" and "fail" spring to mind. any epic fails you've done?
  2. I don't know if this has been posted before but: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7556058.stm that's so mean! =[
  3. I'm waiting for the day some celeb is too lazy to come up with one of those names and just calls their daughter 'girl' and their son 'boy'. And if there's more than one: 'girl', 'girl 1', 'boy' 'boy 1' 'boy 2' etc. ...shouldn't 'Alice' be an option?
  4. D'ya know, I was going to come here and post a thread saying "I had the weirdest dream last night that I went on MFC and people were saying Mika and Adele were having kids and I thought "wha...?!"" and then I saw this again. I've been a bit slow: So has it been confirmed they're having kids together? (I feel like such an idiot asking that)
  5. I know I keep asking this but everyone's talking so fast: Can someone give me a straightforward yes or no answer as to whether it has been confirmed they are having children?
  6. Okay, seriously people, I'm getting kinda confused now: HAS IT BEEN CONFIRMED THAT THEY ARE HAVING KIDS TOGETHER? I actually wanna lol, it all sounds like rumors, I mean all this has suddenly sprouted in a day.
  7. Wait, has it actually been confirmed that they're going out? Because if you're not sure that they are then this baby talk is slightly odd, I mean can you imagine: "hmm, lets see what these fangirls have said about me today... ...lalalalala... BABIES?! ...wtf?!"
  8. I actually thought this was hilarious =P I mean 'scandal'? I think they need to lighten up a bit, far worse has happened on stage, this was pretty funny.
  9. haha! I'd continue, but I think all you'd read is: "I screamed. got fed up. knocked myself out again" repeated about 50 times! you should continue with yours, when are you planning on doing the next installment, coz it really is brilliant!
  10. now THAT I'd like to hear! (I can imagine everyone dancing round to it at home lol!)
  11. it's short but good! I'd really write one, but a) it'd be pretty crap, and b) I feel odd writing fanfiction, as well as c)I'd much rather read all of yours! besides, I think we all know there wouldn't be much in a fanfic I would base on what would honestly happen if I was to be stranded on a desert island with Mika, because knowing me, I wouldn't register I was lost for a couple of hours, and when I finally would realise, I'd probably panic and run round in circles screaming until Mika got so irritated, he'd throw a coconut at my head. I'd then be left unconcious until we were rescued. And, of course, it'll take me a while to register that the people on the island were actually cabin crew of a nearby passing ship, helping us, so once I had regained conciousness, I would end up throwing more coconuts at them thinking they were natives. At this point, Mika would get so annoyed with me, he'd throw another coconut at my head, knocking me out again. This would go on for maybe a fortnight until help came once more. "look at that mutant growth in the sand,!" one of the rescuers will exclaim. "No, that's just Priyanka, a freak who wouldn't stop screaming," Mika will reply. "Shall we save her?" the rescuer will ask a now contemplating Mika. "nah!" he'll say, and the two of them shall leave the island and head to safety back home, leaving me to wake up the next day, and scream again until I get so fed up with myself, I throw a cocnut at my head just to shut myself up. I presume there'd be a search for me at home. I'd be oblivious to it. After all, I would be unconcious and on a desert island.
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