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  1. ola !! finalment acabaram os exames estava a ver TV e apareceu-me isto (nao sei se alguem ja enviou xD) mika - happy ending
  2. a few recent photos oops, sorry some are a bit small D:
  3. hii finally finished all my exams... -.-' was just wondering if anyone seen these up in london yet? and any recent mika news? thank you
  4. i like the ducky Flowers sorry their a tad small..
  5. roxy

    Hellooo! It's really great, Im loving every second of it! Even though I haven't slept properly since I got here :naughty:

    (to be honest though, I didnt really move to London, I just study here, so Im only here during term time. But that's just a detail xD)

  6. I can't send you a PM.

    Mika talked about it in his interview to a tunisian radio. It's in french but you can find the english translation in the link below



  7. hii:biggrin2: does anyone know if or why their website are inactive?
  8. i didnt know the Van Beirendonck Necklace was found..! i love it.. but it sold out
  9. @nn@

    hii.. just saw.. u moved to london XD

    how it going? :)

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