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    Lollipop and Glitter love

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    Sucking Lollipops....the real thing you fools
  1. Hi, Happy Birthday! ;)

  2. Uhm, e que andaste por lá a estudar? ;P Pai é donde? Por cá trabalhas in whati? Que não te pareça um interrogatório eheh ;X

  3. Estudei na Covilhã, mãe e família dela é de lá. Eu nasci aqui e agora por cá estou xD

  4. Oi! =)

    Lisboa-Covilhã? uhm, interesting match:P A minha família é toda covilhanense, meu pai é que trouxe minha mãe para Lisboa e eu cá nasci depois eheheh e by the way também tenho um irmão mais novo mas já casado.

    Tell me more about you Jo =P

  5. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart...but I still haven't seen ANY video AT ALL I want the Lisbon gig to be a complete surprise In 2008 I went to the London gigs already knowing everything that would come to pass....this time I wanna be surprised
  6. I'm good thanks ... .went to 6 UK shows and they were fab but having a break now!!

    hope to go to Amsterdan tho!! yay x

  7. You're cute, definately not a monster, but you look ready to kick some butt
  8. Maybe not a stalker but a bit creepish...I am looking directly at the camera
  9. Glad I'm not on that pic. Makes me really face the fact that I didn't surround him Still remember my little talk and champagne drink with him, will always treasure it as well as all the people I met =)
  10. It's amazing to relieve this. Some week...I miss you all. Come to Portugal people xD I'll get you a place to sleep
  11. OMG *hides in shame* I'm the creep in the back staring at the camera I look like a stalker
  12. Oh my god, I can't believe I never did finish my report I blame the excitment. Re-reading this to get a fix for my cancelled gig
  13. Well I'll be there on the 11th. Btw I went there today to see if someone had appeared that didn't knew of the cancelation. I was wearing my Mika rosetta all day xD Was hoping to find someone to grab a coffee
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