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  1. I have the bright blue one! Bought in Amsterdam during the concert.. he's lovely, with clowns and shoes on it and another Mika on the top of the back. Yeah it was also in babypink and black, but the blue one was really the best also have the grey one from last collection. YAY!
  2. He can't be allergic for seafood after reading his blog where he said that he eat almost the whole sea empty. I don't know it this is said before; sorry if it is. Some things are just nonsense
  3. So tell me - if English is not your first language, how did you learn it? How old were you when you began learning English? Are you still taking classes to improve your English? What's your native language? And, do your parents/brothers/sisters speak English? I speak English all the time on the internet, but it's not my first language. I'm Dutch, so my native language is... Dutch I'm still on school, but I've been taught English for 5 years now. But actually I've learned it from television.. I love English movies and series and I always watch them. I've learned a lot from it and also from MFC and other English forums.. My sisters speak English but my parents not.. so I only speak it on the internet. And sometimes I have an English friend in my house.. But I absolutely love the language, I might study it later. I also speak French and German and a little bit of Spanish. I just love languages
  4. YEEEY! GO Mika, that's so amazing! And I love his clothes
  5. no that's the book with the musicsheets in it
  6. There was hardly ever a debut record with so many hits as Mika's record. Thanks to his cd 'Life in Cartoon Motion' whole Europe loves The English-Lebanese singer, because who doesn't know the songs 'Grace Kelly', 'Relax, Take It Easy', 'Big Girl', 'Happy Ending' and 'Lollipop'? Also his live-performances are quite notorious these days. WIN! On friday the fourth of july Mika gives a perfomance in the impressive Parc des Princes in Paris. And you can be there! We'll send you with a friend to the city of love, you'll get an overnight stay in a great hotel and ofcourse the two of you will go to Mika's concert. And as an extra gift you'll get 250 euro pocketmoney! What do you have to do? Tell us why YOU must see Mika in Paris! The winner will be announced this fridayafternoon on the radio by Wim van Helden around 15.45. I'm not very good at English, but I hope you'll understand it all
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