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  1. : hello,Mika here, I seem to have glued a pole to my hand and face
  2. when I was at butlins a few months back I was queueing up to get myself some chocolate cake and big girl came on in the cafe! were they trying to tell me something!
  3. hi can I join the smile fan club?! I love his smile it always makes me smile!
  4. thats so sweet! I wonder if he is tickelish. we will have to test it out
  5. [ 1. My favourite; Mika outfit-the red and white stripped top and white trousers with grey pants Mika song-thats very hard but I think its my interpretation Mika songline-what do they know about us are they thinking of somebody else - kick ass I love his voice when he sings that bit. Mika quote- anything that he says!! Mika picture- any shirtless/ pants showing ones Mika interview-there are so many its too hard to choose. I love them all Mika video-Wag of course! Mika merchandise-the 2 DVDs 2. If Mika; Hugged me I would- die! Shouted my name i would-run right to him smiled at me i would-just melt! danced with me i would-hold him tightly and make sure I didnt stand on his feet! 3. I have ___ pictures of mika on my wall ___too many to count! way over 30!_ pictures of mika on my phone 4. If i got to ask mika 3 questions only they would be 1)why do you want to be like grace kelly hahahahah joke! 2)what is your favourite colour? 3)will you be my slave for the day?! 5) If i was a mika character i would be-probably a big girl my diet always gets given up! 6) When i meet mika im going to-be so nervous I probably wont say anything. 7)My favourite ever thread on the mfc-mikagasmics! HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MIKA? His birthday-18th August 1983 His family-3 sisters 1 brother (yasmine paloma zeulika and Fortune Born- Beiruit 1983 Any other intresting facts- if he was in morocco he would be a plastic bag! any other facts? chats? let us all know!
  6. Its disgusting the way they treat Mika. I found v festival highlights on catch up tv and in 3 hours of it there is no Mika. If you put in Mika on a search on their site it says error your search had no results. So not even any videos or pics of him on the actual site
  7. I really hope the local church does not notice that they have a stained glass window missing!
  8. Mikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you are not ugly. pease believe me. You are so lovely.
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