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  1. Hi MFCers Still looking desperately for 1 tocket for London gig 🙏🏻 Anyone ?? Please pm or write email directly to valbon59@free.fr Many thanks in advance 😉 I was asking myself and what if I just come to the venue and try there ? But it is quite a long way from home and would be very sad not to enter the venue 😔 Heeeelp me please 😉
  2. Hi everyone I am in - standing and maybe with my 13 years old daughter (not sure yet) Hope I will have a chance to meet some of you again (Sabine and Mellody) but I will go to the venue In the afternoon if daughter is with me 😉 But yes, Christmas hats are a very good idea indeed 👍🏻 Even false gifts 🎁🎁🎁🎁 we could built up ? But would they let us enter with that ?? 🤔 and the LED lights well... why not 🤣🤣🤣 good idea too 👍🏻 but will Mika like having plenty of lights during his gig ? 🤔 Probably yes although he needs darkness from time to time to see the shining stars (mobile phones) on few songs ... And for a flashmob... well, I think it is still a good idea outside in the afternoon 👍🏻 And I will be there if possible ... why not 😁 {But I was young and stupid too a few years ago and queuing for hours early in the morning to get a chance to be in the front rows So I understand people - especially hard fans like I am- would like to be front rows 😉 I have stopped coming too early since Compiègne in 2010 when silly security people made enter the end of the queue first 😱 My friends and I got in the middle of the crowd and the view was much better - also the sound 👍🏻 The other « friends » we thought we had just ran away and there were no more friendship in that moment 🤣 Mika likes all the crowd : he even laughed at me when I showed up a pannel written « DANCE » (from quite far) when he started introducing his brand new song « Elle me dit » 🤣 No need to be front row any more as far as I am concerned 😉} We know it is not front row you really meet and talk to the boss anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️ You can even not be talking to anyone because you don’t hear anything 🤣 the sound is too loud I have been to many other gigs from other artists since Mika was more on tv than doing shows and the most important is to enjoy the gig, look at the artist and listen to music 😉 Yes he recognizes familiar faces but it lasts only 10 seconds during the show 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Hi everyone I know this is not the right place to find an extra ticket but please 🙏🏻 I need your help to find one for this gig 🙏🏻 Because I need to book my trip (from France) rather early and maybe an hotel 😉 I quote what I have just written in the extra ticket thread : « I am looking for a ticket for London gig’s November 10th Please please I need your help 🙏🏻 Although I am not writing much on MFC, I have been following Mika in many gigs since 2008 😉 Well, as I can not be on MFC everyday, you can try to pm or rather send me an email to valbon59@free.fr I am also on Facebook, type Sweetieval to find me 😉 Many thanks in advance 👍🏻 I was not supposed to take days off for that gig and travel there from France but I need some Mikaïne so much 🙏🏻« Thanks if you can help me 😉👍🏻
  4. Hi everyone I am looking for a ticket for London gig’s November 10th Please please I need your help 🙏🏻 Although I am not writing much on MFC, I have been following Mika in many gigs since 2008 😉 and some of you know me here 😉 Well, as I can not be on MFC everyday, you can try to pm or rather send me an email to valbon59@free.fr I am also on Facebook, type Sweetieval to find me 😉 Many thanks in advance 👍🏻 I was not supposed to take days off for that gig and travel there from France but I need some Mikaïne 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😉 so much 😋
  5. Congratulations to our MFCer winner ??, you will have a marvellous time in Paris, happy for you ! I am on holidays in Spain and don't have time for internet. I have not read anything about that Peugeot contest on twitter or Facebook. I think I went on the wrong page "Peugeot France" ? Nevermind, there will be another gig, another contest, another time... but still, I need Mikaïne ???
  6. Hi MFCers OMG ? I was on the point to ask if anyone in UK would accept me as his/her guest to enter the competition but, even being French, I am not driving a Peugeot, I guess that will be difficult to find a Peugeot driver MFCer in UK ??? Well, just in case, PM me, I am available on September 12th and 13th and can meet my winner partner directly in Paris or -better- at the Eurostar pick up point in Calais/Coquelles ? if the trip is by train...
  7. Thanks Silver, after reading this thread, that's what I have understood Yes, I do hope a festival not too far from home this time (like Belgium for instance) but all the artists have been mostly confirmed and no MIKA nowhere But I understand this gentleman needs holidays to rest up a bit and time to write and compose Let's wait for the new album and the new tour, then
  8. Hello everyone ???? It's been a long time for me on MFC but I come and read from time to time...???? However, I am a bit disapointed that no gigs or festivals are announced for spring/summer... They usually decide by the end of January. What's going on this year ? To much work with The Voice and Casa Mika 2 ? ???????? Please please MIKA we need a gig or a big tour ????????????????????????
  9. Hi everyone That's smashing news???????????????????????? I have watched all the replays several times, this show was really excellent ???????? Moreover, I can learn and improve my Italian ????
  10. Hello Hélène, 2 for Muriel and me please ! Thanks !
  11. Hi, We finally decided to go to this gig with my friend Macboll. So I bought the tickets this morning, there were 554 standing tickets left, the venue is going to be full ! See you in Wonderland everybody :wink2:
  12. Hi, Just a word to say I can not come any more I have got a problem to find somebody to look for my kids. So sorry Mellody, Nina and Saskia, if I can't drive you back to the airport Enjoy the gig all !
  13. Hi MFCers, Well, that was a great gig, indeed. Better than Lokerse Feesten in Belgium last week ! First time for me seeing a gig from that far but I would not have let hubby and kids behind, I had plenty of space to jump and move and that was good ! I am like Kath and cannot remember the setlist if I don't write it somewhere... So I remember he began with Relax, quiet at the piano at the beginning. Then he stood up and started jumping and got the audience with him. Then he sang Talk about you and everybody was dancing around me. I was so happy he sang so many new songs like Ordinary Man, Good Guys, Staring at the sun where he made people waving their arms in the air. He caught the audience by sharing people in 2 groups and made them shout "Big girl you are beautifull". Usual speech on Elle Me Dit where he said he did not want to dance any more and got everybody dancing and singing with him. This version is much better than the original one, IMO. He said he had a song he can sing in each country and everybody understands in Paris, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Dubaï : that was Boum Boum Boum Well, and he sang many old ones like Blue Eyes, Billy Brown (at the end he said "he felt in love with ME" !!!), Rain, We are golden, Grace Kelly, Happy Ending and finally Love Today with confettis. I personnally thought he was really happy to be there in such a beautifull place (he said it was beautifull several times) and he was really touched when people got to sing "Underwater" with him in the dark on stage. I felt like he did not want to leave the stage. I saw him smiling and waving two times to fans who were front rows. From the place I was, it was nice to see some balloons and all the hands up, waving and jumping all together. But, I feel very sorry for fans who got seated places, they were like 200 hundred meters behind the stage ! (And have paid 10 euros more !). At the end, I saw the seats are half empty, they probably came nearby the stage. I had suddenly a lot of ladies besides me and they were dancing and moving a lot ! Personnaly, I got an autograph from Olympe, the second one to sing. He came in the VIP space I was nearby and was really gentle. His music was too loud, I had to put my earplugs not to become death. The one after, Christophe Willem, has a really nice voice but his style is sometimes to slow for me. When he sang "Sunny" or other Stevie Wonder's song, I liked it very much. He is also really gentle. And Mika, people around me were saying he was really good showman, which I totally agree with, of course. My oldest daughter managed to go in front rows several times (she is 11) and asked me when she can come to see Mika again. Well, maybe in Paris 17th october... Concerning the 2 other ones, they got to see Mika on the big screen because they were too tiny and they enjoyed as well, even if the little one (7) got to sleep on a towel for 15 minutes hihi And for my husband which is a non Mika fan, I saw him clapping in his hands several times which is a good sign ! Weirdly, he thought Ordinary Man was a release of a song of Paul MCartney or the Beatles ? Listening to it in the car, he said it remembered him also a song of Robbie Williams, I can't see what he means ??? Well Thank you MIKA for this great great show. He also joked a few times about his musicians which can't understand a word he was saying in french, sacré MIKA ! And sorry not to have said hello, I could not stay after the gig, my little one was sleeping on the ground !
  14. Hi MFCers ! That's tonight !!! I ´ ll finally be there with the whole family : my husband and the 3 kids ! Don't think I will be able to say hello because it will be very late after Mika ´ s gig. The weather's really warm here, I am still at the appartment having a drink on the balcony, 45 minutes away from Rochefort. I do hope MFCers are not wasting their time queuing up under that sun, should have them taken some suncream and hats ! Treasa and Kath : you will tell us if you get trouble with your noisy neighbour ! I hope you will be able to meet him and say hello from all MFCers ;-) Sabine : I hope you got your trains on time ? You must be there already ? See you - maybe- tonight and enjoy all !!! Hug
  15. I will have a look on FB Hélène, no don't worry, I did not know if I could put your husband's name here on MFC because he is on the pic with the banner behind me
  16. Thanks for the reports, videos and pics everybody ! I don't have any good pictures as my camera is very old, I have a few videos but quality is ugly as well I would not have dared bringing my reflex. For once, I did just looked and listened to Mika and enjoyed the gig. ​I agree with Tiibet and Statue of Liberty, the first band was an absolute disaster, I felt like they were just young men wanted to shout on a microphone and not all able to sing properly , I could have done better I thought to myself ​The best one was the black one with swimming short, the most ridiculous the one with huge black glasses and I thought there were 2 funny ones : one came with a bottle of water, he looked good but he had a cigarette in the other hand and another black one came with a glass of whisky, I was Concerning the second band Janez Dedts, I enjoyed them a lot and recognized exactly the style of Blink 182 and Sum41. The singer was really kind, he also made me a sign when leaving the festival. Milow was an absolute lovely surprise to me, he is good looking, nice smile and clean ​ He presented his -very good- musicians and singer Nina, they were all really fine to me (Mika does not present the band any more, that is a pity ) Then came MIKA and I got an a cloud but I had not seen him for 2 years and a half, I needed some Mikaïne so much I first thought he had a really nice jacket, I love the color of it and I thought he was smarter with his white shirt than in Paris Fnac gig. I took off my ear plugs to listen to his acute voice, especially on Happy Ending which is ma favourite's song ever on all gigs Well, I was so happy he sang Staring at the Sun which I love a lot on the new album. And, Last Party of course. This is an emotional song It was a pleasure to listen to The Origin of Love again, that is such a nice song I think and I did like the new arrangements for Popular and Elle me Dit which had become unstandable for me, there it is more like ragga or reggae style, that is fine And he sang The Origin of Love, I was so happy to ear it again, I realized how good this song was... Once, he came on our side (on the right of the stage) and smiled to our banner and flowers, we felt happy with Lena Machu and Macboll Concerning the NO meet and greet and the long waiting in the cold after the gig, I have nothing particular to say. This is the first time I don't feel like going and talk to people, the french group knows each other a lot and I did not want to bother them. I understand people from Europe don't really feel like coming and talk to such a tight-knit group. I am not shy, not at all but I did not feel comfortable this time maybe was I tired. ​The reason is also that, when we arrived, some MFCers came to us and let us know some people -non MFCers apparently- were arguing about the number lining system. Well, I was in a good mood and it suddenly bothered me Since the Compiegne show and the disaster of the queuing system, I am really sceptic with this too. I just went to see some people I've been knowing a bit since 2010 tour , some french and belgian fans and others famous MFCers like Tiibet or Mellody . Sorry for the other ones I did not talked to. While we were waiting near the exit, I am quite sure I have seen Mika leaving the festival. The only strange thing was the belgian registration of the car but, still, there was one tall man alone in a black Mercedes van with same shape hair and he turned his head towards us ​Maybe he felt sorry not to be able to stop but that is just my personal feeling ​Anyway, that was good to see him again and I wish I can see him again and again and again for many years, whatever in a festival or a gig. That man rocks Some pictures with Macboll (middle), Lena Machu (hat) and me in blue : Some poor quality videos :
  17. Hi Pascale, see you there maybe Are you coming to Lille too ? Well, I'll try to say hello, I will be recognize you if you wear the same glasses Well, Thanks Cath, I'll say you can be jealous... I don't know a lot about the other ones, the very first part seems "odd" , we have decided to bring ear plugs with Macboll Concerning Martin Solveigh, even if he is french, we don't hear him that much here... He's got maybe 2 songs I like We eventually decided to leave home a little bit later and should be arriving there by 4.30 5 pm I had a lot to do with driving the kids to their grand mother's Stopping MFC for today, I've got to shower
  18. OK Froy, and no I did not know there were not only fields in Belgium I live at the Belgium border near De Panne and here, or you have the see, or you have fields That is what I read, that there would be shuttles between car parks and the festival. I just could not find the info about the location of the car parks so I imagined it was in fields like other festivals (Werchter or Liège) , well I will follow the signs, I have no choice anyway See you tonight , are you going there with friends or you want to join us ? PM me if you want, I'll give you my mobile phone _____________________ Well, the gig is tonight, I can' wait, I am sooooooo excited : 2 years and a half being waiting for Mika You know what ? after a long period of very bad weather and cold, the sun is shining bright and I feel it's going to be a very very nice day , take your suncreams and see you all tonight MFCers
  19. Hi MFC, So the gig is in process... Any news from the setlist yet ?
  20. Oh thanks Treasa, yes that was only to enter the competition , it was said you must be over 18. I won't be bringing the,kids, as I've got a standing place, they won't see anything I don't really like seated gigs, (unless this is only seating) It was so bad in Brighton in 2010, I took a seated place as I did not know at what time I would be arriving there. Each time I was standing up, people behind me were knocking on my shoulder Then I decided to stand up alone in front of the stairs on the front of the balcony, that was eventually very cool but I was the only one to dance on the first floor We could have made a meeting for MFCers' kids but... mine don't speak english yet
  21. Okay Hélène Let's meet tomorrow Not sure I'll bring something, I did not have time to prepare anything. I still have my old banner or signs with "MIKA" but don't feel like bringing anything, I am not "in" yet, I haven't been given any Mikaïne for too long Thanks. I read it but did not pay attention to food, only drinks Well, I'll buy some french fries I guess And that is exactly what I thought about mobile phones I have read already things on their websites but nothing is about the proper "car park", well I guess they will make a special one in the fields like it is usually done in Belgium See you tomorrow
  22. Oh yes, that's late. Thanks for telling ... I guess we will meet in front of the doors, then... ​They also have written "no drinks", "no cameras", do you think it is really true that we can't take pics ? I will try to find it then... A banner with a sunshine and sunflowers , that sounds great, no Sorry, I am going to the cinema with the kids, I don't have time to make one, this time
  23. ​Hi again, for those who are coming by car, I don't really understand if there are special car parks ? ​That say the police is very active and take your car very easily... Anyone knows something about it ? On the other hand, I can't remember where I have read it would be open by 3 pm, I can't find the information any more... Was I misunderstanding ? I feel a little bit lost suddenly
  24. Oh thanks Ticket Fairy I love your picture, definitely Does this man really exists ??? What a pity I can't apply to win tickets, I would use them to bring my daughters who are 9 and 11. But Ticket Fairy said you have to be 18 or more
  25. OMG fingers crossed to get new songs, I must say I was a little bit disappointed looking at the Fnac Show in Paris but that gig looked "short" Oh yes, please this one, I love it too that is one of my fav's on the new album I was looking on the internet to get lighting devils' horns as stuff for the gig but it was too short to order them and get them on time for friday Hi Glenn, Thanks for the tip, maybe we'll try to go to the right, then. But I need to see where we get an appointment with MFC friends and, at what time. ​I have read the door would open at 3 pm and I plan to arrive there around 4, actually. The Compiegne gig in 2010 vaccinated me against long waiting all day long to get in the first rows, we said never again with Macboll and friends. (we were in the middle of the crowd and that was not that bad, apart from silly and nasty guys besides us) Moreover, for a festival, there is no need to get there that early, as people not come necessarily to see only MIKA. @MFCers : is there an appointment for MFCers planned somewhere ? @LenaMAchu : do we meet somewhere in order to get there together ? We should live at 14h00 and arrive around 15H30 if the road is ok. Then, we need to come from the car park to the stage, that can be far far away ​BTW, I have noticed MIKA keeps on bringing sunflowers on stage, I still have mine from Liège 2010, shall I bring it ?