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  1. Can’t help with the keyboard player, was too far… about the screens, he sais once that they were not working and later that he disn’t want them so it’s still unclear… nonethless, personally, I didn’t miss them, it made an arena show more intimate
  2. She just said he will sing in of of the numbers
  3. The only thing I saw in one of the daily show is that he will sing during one of the coaches (Gregory Charles) number
  4. can’t remember if I ever told you that Quebec is my hometown??? If you need any advice (or a personal guide) let me know! my mom lives about 10 minutes from the venue 😉
  5. I love Wouter… we are probably (very) distant cousins as we share the same family name 😉
  6. Last week, his wife and mom came at the academy for a visit, but from what I understand, that was the only exception
  7. He also talked a bit about the Versailles show and his mom. The beginning was about Star Académie, how everyone loved his number and why he chose to do it... which lead to him expressing his love of Quebec and why (first arena show he ever did was at Bell Center in 2008 and his OSM shows) about Andy, he said that the first ten days i. athens were horrible, because it was the longest time in a while they were together alone and I guess it took some times for everyone to adjust to it... but that a lot of people were in the same situation back then 😉
  8. Debate is over: it’s Bowie 😉he almost has a fit when no one knew the song at all 😂 The whole concept is about freedom! they will also sing: Born this way from Gaga Heroes from Bowie à cause des garçons de Yelle Djadja from Ana Nakamura small town boy from Bronski Beat can’t help falling in love from Elvis it’s fascinating all he got to see all of the students for who they really are... gonna be another great moment!
  9. He messed up lyrics every single week... but other than, he was very good 😉
  10. I had the same feeling a few years ago when 5/6 y.o. kids when doing a skating choregraphy to Lollipop 😂 I was: did anyone know what this song is all about? 🤔
  11. https://www.facebook.com/839178619/posts/10159090988213620/? he later sang Halleluya from Leonard Cohen with the whole group
  12. Have you seen what he did when he was at Star Académie in 2012? that was already pretty spectacular! It rained in the studio (was there, got drenched 😂
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