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  1. We just saw about ten seconds of him singing L’hymne à l’amour... not sure we’ll have more later
  2. There are 12 shows, haven’t read anything, but I have the same impression regarding Mika, that he’ll be there for the last 3... we’ll see I guess
  3. Quote

    ^_^ guess who dropped in for 3 seconds...


    1. rian


      :huglove:<———————oops.....forgot to do that :blush:

    2. cathouzouf
  4. Yes, he did say that he only played Lola live a few times... 😂 no irony whatsoever!
  5. I love the arrow that the photographer draw on top of the person pretending to be Mika in her concept... she also said that it was hard for her to decide where to place everyone, as « some persons are very tall » 😂
  6. Yes, there is a lockdown in the province of Quebec at the moment and I expect it to be extended tomorrow. There is also a 14-day quarantine for the people travelling to Canada, you can get an exception, but reading about it, I doubt he can be considered «essential » so we’ll see how they will manage
  7. The show will start with two weeks of bootcamps on January 17 and 24 (no Mika in them) and live shows (and Mika participation) will start on February 14. he didn’t say much in the 4 minutes he was interviewed 😉
  8. I have access to TV5 in Canada on my TV and they will broadcast the show on the 31, if that can help anyone 😉
  9. it’s such a typical Pierre Lapointe’s song. I love the guy (he shares a lot with Mika, especially on clothing... they are about the same shape, they could probably swap clothings) but his work is far from being mainstream and sometimes, it’s too much for me! I like it in small dosage only 🤫
  10. They left oit Ice Cream, the poems and Laura Pausini but kept Danna Paola (both songs) and PROMISELAND 🎉
  11. In all honesty, I really like Rufus but I like his sister Martha a lot more 😉
  12. VIPs had umbrellas, the rest of us got wet 😂it was my very first time seeing Mika in person...
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