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  1. it’s such a typical Pierre Lapointe’s song. I love the guy (he shares a lot with Mika, especially on clothing... they are about the same shape, they could probably swap clothings) but his work is far from being mainstream and sometimes, it’s too much for me! I like it in small dosage only 🤫
  2. They left oit Ice Cream, the poems and Laura Pausini but kept Danna Paola (both songs) and PROMISELAND 🎉
  3. In all honesty, I really like Rufus but I like his sister Martha a lot more 😉
  4. VIPs had umbrellas, the rest of us got wet 😂it was my very first time seeing Mika in person...
  5. He won’t be a coach, but he will plan and direct the group’s performances for the live TV shows. In the last edition, this role was taken by Rene Angelil, Celine Dion’s late husband, who had an extensive experience in producing and performing... when Mika sang in the finale, he came on stage in a car and there was also rain falling from the studio ceiling, don’t you if you remember? It’s quite a big production yes, there will be judges, but we don’t know yet...
  6. It took me YEARS to finally be able to listen to his music... until I went to see him live at the opening of Monteal Jazz Festival a few years ago 😂 before that, I knew who he was because my mom was a huge fan and his mom and thought he was an interesting human being 😉
  7. Allo Nancy it’s at 6:30pm on TVA. You might be able to watch it through this https://video.tva.ca/page/direct
  8. My TV recorder is set up! can’t wait 😊
  9. I do! I watch it almost every night. it’s a TV show (same channel as En direct de l’univers) They have been doing a few interviews with international guests lately (via skype), yesterday, it was Josh Harnett. They also had Christine and the queens a few weeks ago. Those interviews last about 5 minutes and they have usually been recorded a few days before. Looking forward to see Mika.
  10. although my kids are pretty much grown up and can take care of themselves most of the time, I have so much work (I’m working from home) that I don’t have time to do much... so don’t feel bad (it makes me more angry than sad, personally 😏, as my company was deemed essential and for us, it’s mostly business as usual... wish I could do more to help people who really need it)
  11. https://www.lesoleil.com/arts/richard-therrien/mika-aura-son-en-direct-de-lunivers-0212433edc3c45bc19f7ff5b13426881
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