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  1. I do! I watch it almost every night. it’s a TV show (same channel as En direct de l’univers) They have been doing a few interviews with international guests lately (via skype), yesterday, it was Josh Harnett. They also had Christine and the queens a few weeks ago. Those interviews last about 5 minutes and they have usually been recorded a few days before. Looking forward to see Mika.
  2. although my kids are pretty much grown up and can take care of themselves most of the time, I have so much work (I’m working from home) that I don’t have time to do much... so don’t feel bad (it makes me more angry than sad, personally 😏, as my company was deemed essential and for us, it’s mostly business as usual... wish I could do more to help people who really need it)
  4. Listings from one of the largest music store in Quebec: #6 overall, #2 english music
  5. indeed, wish it would be longer 😉
  6. this should be quite interesting...
  7. I saw both shows and liked the second one even more than the first. There was some craziness from Mika and the crowd that made everything just a bit better. Think he put a lot of people under his spell again with this show 🥰 including me!
  8. If I remember correctly, at the beginning of Love Today, he was talking about hearing the heart of the theater 😉