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  1. although my kids are pretty much grown up and can take care of themselves most of the time, I have so much work (I’m working from home) that I don’t have time to do much... so don’t feel bad (it makes me more angry than sad, personally 😏, as my company was deemed essential and for us, it’s mostly business as usual... wish I could do more to help people who really need it)
  3. Listings from one of the largest music store in Quebec: #6 overall, #2 english music
  4. indeed, wish it would be longer 😉
  5. this should be quite interesting...
  6. I saw both shows and liked the second one even more than the first. There was some craziness from Mika and the crowd that made everything just a bit better. Think he put a lot of people under his spell again with this show 🥰 including me!
  7. If I remember correctly, at the beginning of Love Today, he was talking about hearing the heart of the theater 😉
  8. And then... There was yesterday’s show! For the first time, I was standing just in front of him, front of stage. Was eager to see if he would go in the crowd again, which he did, she besides me 😱🎉😁 although songwise, it was the same show, there was an extra craziness about the second one that made it special. The crowd was wild, and kept cheering at the end. To top the cherry, he met and briefly talked to everyone who was standing in line in the dark back alley behind the venue (line was almost going into the crossing street) and for that, even if I’m just a distant face to him, makes me love him even more. Mika is an amazing and unique performer, but an even more amazing and unique human being. And I’m not the only one saying this 🥰