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  2. The vid is gorgeously shot! No idea what it's about apart from when they're girls around he seems to et into dangerous fights and that he really could be bond
  3. Swatch recycled....boum boum boum opening frm EMD recycled.... Mika is so earth friendly! I don't immediately like the sample but it has potential so eager to hear the full song!
  4. Awww I will be in Montreal next year just not in feb I think Only tix for the second night
  5. due to circumstances beyond my control i don't think i'll be able to make these gigs anymore i think i'm most sad about not being able to meet up with you lot but c'est la vie i'm selling my tix for this night in case anyone is interested..for what i bought it for and if anyone's interested in it plz PM me merci!
  6. Thought this might belong here.. On a recent discussion on gawker (a website/blog) about nicole kidman's new grace kelly movie, someone commented that they 'would rather listen to the Mika song (Grace Kelly) on repeat for 2 hours' than go see the movie...then this was the follow up convo to that comment: The person then replied that this was such a sad turn of affairs as mika is so 'gorgeous and talented' I did my part and informed abt TOOL and upcoming album, but
  7. I had THE most hectic and stressful day running around trying to get things done all over town but I am so excited now abt these tix! I realize how many of u guys I'll get to meet for the first time and ofc looking frwd to catching up with the ole 'crew' I'll prolly only be in Montreal for the 2 days and spend the rest of time in Ottawa but I think I'm more excited abt the trip and people than seeing mika right now
  8. ok tix for this night gotten!! Thanks you guys MFCers rock!
  9. phahahaha i know kath the seating is crazy i have no idea how all those different rows were front row and thanks!
  10. Augh stupid canadian taxes!! i didn't get a chance to top up my debit card so turns out i can only afford one tix now (got a tix for the second night!!) , BUT i can top up on monday so if anyone got an extra tix they will like to transfer to me i can pay them on monday
  11. Just saw this... So any details divulged yet to mfc abt this fancy allocation business deb?
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