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  1. I just read this convo, and this is how it went: someone: poor mika, ben stiller only said a few words about him, and he has not even totally fallen in love with him, he was just being nice instead of fangurling and didn't claim to the world what an awesome guy and artist mika is someone else: stiller was not nasty, he was nice enough and anyway mika is not that famous, all considered. Stiller told he's talented and handsome, which is still something. someone: I don't agree with you someone else: I don't agree with you blah blah and then there we go, someone is spiraling, moving the convo on a personal passive aggressive level. And that was not Ingrid: Attempt to stop it: And one more off topic and personal attack: I cannot find a single word where Ingrid was "very harsh" as you said. I really don't know in what world you are living in, apparently it's all rainbows and ice cream, compared to the real one. She was being straightforward but totally normal, and yes, you are being oversensitive. Like, a lot. Moreover, YOU were very harsh in the first place, you spiraled and ended up calling her a bully. That is being aggressive for no reason. That would make you a bully in the first place, actually. Making up a boo boo and crying over it, blaming other people and attacking them as if it was their fault, that is a very passive aggressive behavior. That is a twisted way to bully people in the first place. I agree. As I told, I reall wonder what their life experience is, if they can not even stand such a normal and calm chat like this one. Basically 80% of my talks at work and with people are harsher than what happened here a while ago. And yes, Yang, you are right, writing on this forum is very difficult at times, cause as soon as someone doesn't talk about mika as a poor helpless gigantic baby, they are accused of being nasty and bully. The only safe way to differ is to talk about nothing, like: "I like blue". " I see, I very much appreciate your taste, but I like yellow better. Please forgive me for that, I love you, let's still be friends despite this huge difference in our opinions. I do not want to hurt anybody with my love for yellow things. Long live to Mika". Well, no, thanks. Long live to straightforward and funny people who are strong enough to endure a little confrontation. Too bad they are a rare breed, these days.
  2. Happy Birthday (wherever you are)

  3. I've just read this http://www.mikafanclub.com/index.php/_/mika-news/no-place-in-heaven-re-issue-due-out-november-13-r59, so I think we shouldn't expect a third repackaging to be available So I guess you can either settle for the french stuff or order it from italy. Or buy none, of course. I think I'll go for the italian one.
  4. Faccia a faccia interview, we are about to post it in the subtitles thread Most of the countries don't care about French stuff. Indeed, and there's only half of the symphonic gig, cause the second CD is a lame repackaging instead of being about the symphonic gig. I've never had an idol in my whole life. Maybe my parents were, when I was 3, but I'm really done now with worshipping anybody. Oh, bummer, I guess this ends my moaning. Promiseland is there and it's not even a bonus track anymore, and all the good songs stand. Now, that's a repackaging I can definitely buy. Too bad that on his official website there's only the french version.
  5. Indeed. I don't want them, whenever he sings OOL or Stardust in Italian I stop singing in disappointement. When I had a seated place, I sat down and checked facebook on my phone. Despite what I've just said (there's personal hatred between italian lyrics and me), it's not about lyrics being in some language or another. Well, maybe it also is, actually, cause you can learn or appreciate one or two songs in an unknow language, but you just can't take too much of them, unless you love the language and want to learn it. I have zero interest in spanish, so I can't be bothered to listen to a whole bunch of spanish songs.... or korean, or german or whatever. I'm lucky enough to know English, French and Italian, so I understand all his songs, but if he massively switched to Russian, I'd just end up moving on, bye man. Language aside, it's also about the songs being good or being bad. French good pop song = ok (EMD for instance) French dull song = no Yesterday a French native speaker told me that some of those songs sound like an old french song from the 50ies, and she meant it in a good way. But you can't expect people from all over the world to like some super old boring french song. Just like I don't expect most people worldwide to love Center of Gravity: the italians will, the others, not much. Some songs spring from a cultural background, therefore they can do very well in that very country, but they will fail on a world level.
  6. I heard something about data, but I thought "I must be wrong" cause it's all so non sensical that I couldn't trust my ears..... Then I asked for help, and yeah, apparently it's that. The funny thing is that no one can be sure cause they are almost random words, so we can't rely on the line meaning to figure out the strange sounding words here and there. We'll need to read them when they will be released....
  7. Super OT, but since the lyrics are coming up super super weird (totally faithful to the original weirdness of the song), I'd like you to read those ones instead. Still weird, but they make sense at times, and when they do, they are beautiful. This is the song I've always wished for someone to dedicate it to me. The care I will protect you from the hypochondria fears from the worries that you'll encounter during your life from the injustice and the deceit of your times, from the failures that you will cause by your nature. I will relieve you of the pains and of your mood swings of the obsessions of your mania. I will overcome the gravitational currents the space and the light, in order not to make you grow old; and you'll be cured of all diseases. because you're a special [human] being and I'll take care of you. I was wandering the fields of Tennessee who knows how I got there don't you have white flowers for me? faster than eagles, my dreams cross the sea. Above all, I will bring you the silence and the patience we'll walk together through the paths that lead to the essence. The love fragrances will intoxicate our bodies the August stillness won't calm our senses. I will weave your hair like the plot of a poem I know the laws of the world and I'll offer them to you. I will overcome the gravitational currents the space and the light, in order not to make you grow old; I will save you from any melancholy. because you're a special [human] being and I will take care of you. [unlike other people] I will take care of you.
  8. Ok, some people had fun trying to figure out the lyrics. They don't make sense, as the italian ones didn't, and we are so not sure about what we wrote down, but join our quest and help us to improve them! Narcissistic chansonniers fighting delusional poetry with the electric demons and spiritual (fuse/fugue/feuds???) Smiling girls (??) gives a start bowing to the powdered(?) queen and her clever dandy Stars are lighting renaissance, everything is making sense always finding enlightened impeccable data (??) And now I'm losing control Looking for a perpetual center of gravity that doesn't let me think about people in all the world that spins around me, nothing that matters more Looking for a perpetual center of gravity so I don't have to think about people in all the world that spins around me over and over again Mystical and majestic the air in Moscow cathedral, a cold winter day, I'm fading away Alienating ??? are walking the city with vague strength to fulfill their mission and living agreement but they don't know what it's for I'm just searching for a permanent center of gravity within an overdose of information in a world that spins around me, nothing that matters more I'm just searching for a permanent center of gravity within an overdose of information in a world that spins around me over and over again You are a woman in love, baby I need your love, I want your love over and over again
  9. I agree. And even if they were very into it, France has 66 millions inhabitants, VS 7 billions worldwide.... It's like he gave up on the big deal and focused on running the little neighbour shop. Which is ok, but I just like to figure out what's happening, I like to discuss things. I'm not interested in career myself, so I really get it. Sometimes I think he should do a statement, like "bye, I've decided to focus on France and a little bit on Italy, adieux". But he's actually doing it through his choices. We don't need a statement, we just need to look at his work
  10. - symphonic cd: Overrated is out, Drunk is out, Heroes is out. I know a whole gig can't fit on one cd, but the solution was a double cd. We'll get half a symphonic gig and a NPIH repackaging instead. We only can hope Sky will broadcast Como without any cut, so that we will be able to save it as a mp3. I really don't get what's Mika/label's interest in forcing people to buy a repackaging, I swear, instead of a nice special symphonic full edition alone. -repackaging: ten days ago he said: "I didn’t put Promiseland on the definitive album and I made a huge, stupid mistake. And I’m singing it during the live shows for a bit to compensate, to make up for this mistake, but at the same time I don’t like to hear I made a mistake. So shut up! That’s enough!" So I didn't really expect to see good songs like Promiseland and Rio being shunned to make room for a bunch of dull and boring french songs. I do love some catchy ones, EMD, BBB, J'ai pas envie even, but the others are just on my "geez, I have to skip this one again" list. And I do like French, I live in a bilingual region, I can get to France faster than in Milan. But some of them are really too much to bear. I was chatting to someone today on Twitter, and they told me that some of those songs sounds like a french song from the 50ies and that lyrics are part of their appeal. Well, I do understand French and I still think they are bad, I only can imagine how the rest of the world would (not) like them. This repackaging seems only targeting the French speaking world, so I don't think it's fair to match it with the (half) symphonic cd. It's like "do you want the special symphonic stuff? Good, also buy the french monotous tune and suck it up". It's a dangerous road to go, as people could simply download it illegally from the internet and say bye. You can't stretch it too far.... some day it won't work anymore. PS it just occured to me that maybe the dull french songs could appeal to a symphonic music listener? I usually think that symphonic and classical music is boring too, so maybe that's it. Are they trying to twist NPIH a bit to match a symphonic taste, instead of leaving it alone and do a double OMS cd? Anyway, I'm really lost, I don't understand what the intention is. Mika always says on XF that an artist should convey a clear intention but I'm not sure what he is conveing with this project.
  11. For sure. Most italians like the original one and this is pretty much the same. Not sure how many would admit it tho, just like as in Sarà perchè ti amo, although Battiato is considered more artistic and intellectual than Ricchi e poveri. Battiato is cool, Ricchi e Poveri are lame (and everybody liked them, deep down )