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  1. Felicidades Ana!! :hug:


  2. How? I thought they were not for sale until 01/10...!
  3. it's the first time I see this GK animation. Where was it originally posted? on mikasounds.com?
  4. In no particular order, and taking the risk of being unfair to many many others that I love as much as this ones, I think my top 5 chart would look like this.... We Are Golden One Foot Boy Rain Origin Of Love Grace Kelly Lonely Alcoholic So i'm tented to post another entry with 10 more
  5. This has not been a gig, this has been a totally mad PARTY!! Christmas and HappyNewYear all together!
  6. I saw Sunday is going to be sunny, 23° (!!! haven't seen that yet this "summer"). Hope that helps...?
  7. I'll be up there. I'll be pleased to distribute some hearts around me.
  8. I have a spare ticket to sell for London Palladium (5/06)! Upper Circle, first row, center. PM if interested and we can talk about the price
  9. Love the idea of HURTS! Hope he'll sing it, hearts or no hearts!!
  10. Hi and welcome! good luck with all you're planning and have fun in Liège!
  11. Thanks to you all! very reassuring. Hope to meet you there! I'm up, up! (upper circle, front row )
  12. Hi!; I bought my tickets through seetickets ( ) and I see that they still have some Upper Circle places, in case someone's still searching for tickets. ....But at the same time,I was wondering, does anybody has used seetickets in the past? I chose box office collection, and don't want to find my self in Lndn (I'm coming from Brussels) with non-existing tickets!! It's kind of scary to not have actually the "thing" in your hands when planning a trip about it.. ps: I'm soooooo much looking foward to this gig and hopefully some sort of mfc get-together!
  13. those London tickets!!

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