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  1. Sorry, sold, I'm going to edit the post!
  2. Paris Philharmonie shows in october: EDIT : ticket sold
  3. So can we still expect there will be good cat. 1 seats for the general sale?
  4. Just found some on vimeo thanks to the name! If anyone else is interested: It's hyping me up for his return to the show this fall. Might be the only occasion to see him if live music hasn't returned by then...
  5. YES! That's it, many thanks @krysady! This is going to bring back memories for me Maybe it will be easier to find other videos now that I have the name of the author.
  6. @Kumazzz Thank you very much for your quick response! Unfortunately these are not the videos I was looking for... They were older and longer, the clips were different. I do think they have been taken off youtube. Thanks anyway for posting these, they are fun to watch too.
  7. I have been looking everywhere for videos of Mika best moments in the Voice. I remember watching them on YouTube in 2015-2016? There was one video for each season he was in at the time, they were like ~15 minutes long and I think there was "funny moments" in the title. It seems they are no longer on YouTube, I had them saved on a hard drive but I deleted everything a while back If anyone knows what I am talking about, please help!
  8. Happy Birthday (sorry I'm late)

  9. Hype interview You want to make your music known in an effective way? Mika tells you how. "My music is niche pop", admits the singer of lebanese origins who lives in the UK. Despite that, he's had enough success in various places of the world. And to talk about this kind of music, it's something very rare, because we don't talk about it the American commercial way, we have met the star who has kept us always surprised. Most of the journalist's speech is made of nice compliments and not so interesting, so I'll just put what Mika said! "I think my fans come and stay because the music doesn't betray them, it doesn't betray what they think I am. I make a music that surprises them and goes in a different direction, that is contradictory. The art of disc is so "stay at home" like it was at the beginning, the gigs are theatrical and, though some never have been to a show physically, they have seen videos of them in some way come in the world of Mika. This is a thing that I have managed to do with very few people, mainly my family, and I've wanted to keep it this way." "The way I work to promote my albums has changed. It isn't an ordinary system. I haven't allowed my record company to do certain things, I've made videos with film makers, I've made different singles for different countries. It's an autonomic system to promote a record. I have much liberty, but also much work and many responsibilities. In each country I have different allies for things to succeed. This is a hint of how the system has changed, how we have to think each time more different." 1.Think different "To think different is very important when you promote your music. Find different ways to do it in each country, and if you don't think globally, you have to understand that people establish an emotional link between your person, your music and your life." 2.Don't try to be "cool" "Being cool is a creative cancer. If you think about it, those who are really cool don't try. I have always said that when you want to be cool, it's because in fact you're not. Don't try to be cool, it's better to be real, credible. Make sure that whatever you do, it is a good reflection of what you are in reality." 3.Develop a style "Your real style appears when you're not trying to please people or asking permissions to do things. I gave myself a precious piece of advise when I began: in this business, like in the creative work, never ask for permission, just hope to be forgiven for what you did." 4.Don't live in the extremes "Don't do excess in your habits. It's really easy for people to end up living in an extreme way. It isn't good to be a maniac (?) who never moves a muscle but living only to do exercise isn't neither. Don't let your entourage turn you into an addict, because eventually you'll kill the talent or genuine interest you have inside." 5.Live with sensibility Nothing to add to what Mikasister said! FAN LATINO "I love Juanes' music. I like what he does so much that I've stolen his sound engineer, Joe Chiccarelli. I think that latino-american music has a sound that can really make people happy. I totally see myself collaborating with many artists of the American continent."
  10. Okay, I'm not that good in Spanish but I've tried my best. I'm not sure of all the sentences but here is the first part! Many of us know him for his song "Grace Kelly", but four albums later no one can doubt Mika is an artist in every meaning of the word. Mondially acclaimed, the fans want more and...he wants to give! Mika has been proposed to take stock with all and he told Glamour his artistic and personal process. Here are his learnt lessons. Your disc No Place in heaven was well received by the fans. What new surprises are you preparing? I am taking stock of the desires I have. One of them is to go to Mexico, I haven't visited it! But I have sold there and it will happen again (???). Moreover, I want to explain in my acts who I am....I have a weird career in a certain way. It's not only the music, there are collaborations I have with fashion brands or included in the tours...I want that when someone listens to an album or goes to a concert he enters this world wich defines me. And, clearly, I am producting new material, but I want to get stronger in the live shows. And to arrive in Asia! What message do you want to send? I am one of those people who believe that all that you do in life, from the way you dress to the music you make, is an expression of your beliefs and your existance, that is how you tell your story. I don't have a message as such, but I want to transmit this sensation of living with liberty and that in the same time I have the privilege to fully enjoy it. A new album, a renewal. How do you perceive your musical evolution? I am always in search of doing something different. I see m y job between the line of pop and alternative, but I have found myself in times when those two words opposed themselves. However, I like the moving melody of the good pop and to combine it with a scenario more artistic, included indie...This is what I am. I have found my place and style there. You're a very praised artist. Do you consider yourself a model to follow? No, but I'm always trying to find role models for myself. And I have found them, many times, in my fans. And I think they inspire me much and I think I manage to inspire them (??? unsure about the end). Not only musically, but in your life you've been to many places in the world, like a nomad. Does that affect the way you compose music? I have always wanted to create something more than "only songs". And I like to reflect all of those estates in distinct elements, like the clothes I wear or the sets of the shows. From this mix I want to create a world for my music to exist there and by doing so it gives me a feeling of identity which wasn't easy to obtain, because I come from many backgrounds, I have a mix of English, Mediterranean and a bit of Lebanese! Before having sold-out shows, were you a different person? No, because now I don't consider myself as a star, and I won't. I don't like the idea of being famous "because if". Today politics want to appear everywhere! I'm not seduced by this idea. I like to think that I stay the same, like before. If you could, what would you say to your past self? You'll be wrong again. And what advise would yo give to Glamour's lecters? To have style and never be afraid to discover, even if they also have to be agressive. Many times it is necessary to be brave to be sensitive. And the big quote: "Fantastical muses or broken hearts stories don't inspire me. I see in the routine, café chats or train passengers precious material to be converted into pure gold. edit: end posted I'll try to translate the hype article later today
  11. Yes, it's exactly what it says! All of the French reviews I've read are really elogious! It's heartwarming to see that when the Voice is over on TV, people see him for the true artist again
  12. Thanks for the translation! I can't decide which feeling is the strongest right now: the anger against those people who hurt Camille or the joy about Mika's lovely reaction!
  13. Thank you very much Eriko! The sound quality is quite good! It's great to have these videos to keep us waiting for the broadcast in november
  14. Well, like you I'm glad he's so loved in Italy! and Mika on TV, wherever it is, is always good news! I just hope it won't make us wait too long for new music...
  15. Any other world without hesitation! I can totally relate to this song, like many teenagers I think. You live your life without thinking too much about it, and then something happens, and it's like you're waking up. Your perspective on things changes forever, you realize how small you are in the universe... Yeah, very powerful song imo It's not really sad but when I discovered it it made me cry, and I couldn't even understand why.
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