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  1. I'm glad someone else thinks of the street as Diagon Alley too!
  2. Without saying too much because I don't want to give away spoilers for people who haven't seen Face The Raven yet...MY HEART. It is broken. Although I've seen the cast list for the finale two-parter and things might not be quite as they seem (a Doctor Who rule really!)
  3. I'm probably the last person to notice it but I saw the Armani ad with Any Other World as the music earlier and couldn't quite stop myself from commenting "it's Mika!" to my parents
  4. I've just discovered 'Mikasoon' from this thread. It makes me laugh because I used to listen to another band where the fans talked about 'Madina Lake time' meaning that if they said something would come in a day, it would be a week, a week would be a month etc and now it looks like I'm going to have all that waiting again with Mika!
  5. In short I think it's just because he makes me happy. This might sound a bit weird but I find that if I'm already in a good mood I don't search out Mika songs half as much as I do when I'm feeling down. I still listen to him and enjoy it but it's when something is bothering me that I find myself specifically wanting to listen to Mika and not much else. It's actually happening now! I'm quite stressed about a few things and I've just put Mika on shuffle on itunes because I know that in half an hour I'll be feeling a lot more positive again. And he just seems like a wonderful person too.
  6. Yesss fellow Rory fans! I adored him. So cute and awkward at the start and he became so cool by the time he left. I've been lucky enough to meet Arthur Darvill twice, he's lovely. I complimented his singing after seeing him in a musical and he thanked me about 5 times and just kept patting me on the back over and over as he said it he's adorable I wasn't a fan of the latest episode either, I just found it all a bit confusing and by the time things finally became clear at the end I'd lost interest a bit...I'm not sure I want to hear Mr Sandman again for a while though! The Zygon episodes and Under The Lake/Before The Flood have been my favourite so far.
  7. Can we bring the thread back to life? What does everyone think of the Twelfth Doctor? At first I was a bit uncertain but he's creeping up to catch David Tennant as my favourite Doctor! I've found the current series a bit hit and miss though, too many two-part stories but it's still my favourite show. And next week's 'Enter The Raven' episode looks like it's going to be amazing.
  8. Because there must be some Whovians here! I know it's getting towards the end of the current series but there's always something going on in Doctor Who to talk about, plus all the past seasons. And next week's 'Enter the Raven' episode looks like it's going to be a great one!
  9. It's windy here in London too...winter has arrived! My Grandma visited me earlier while I had NPIH playing, she recognised Mika's voice straight away and asked to borrow the CD, and I've just had a text from her saying she was so excited to listen to it that she didn't even take her coat off before playing the CD when she got home She's a bigger fan than I first thought!
  10. Crabs. To me they just look like armour-plated spiders (I'm scared of spiders too!)
  11. Is the purple creature in the window on the cover of TBWKTM one of the Mubbins? I've always wondered if that little thing had a name, this thread might be my answer!
  12. Country: UK Venue: The Garage in Highbury, not too tiny but still quite an intimate venue plus a lot of my top gigs have been there! Song: Good Gone Girl
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