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  1. hey everyone! is this still happening? and if so, is it too late to sign up? x
  2. On Friday Grace Kelly was on Radio 1 in England which was pretty amazing
  3. When I was in the airport I was tearing around the duty free searching for Georgiou Armani Si and when I found it I sprayed it everywhere and my family was just watching dazed from across the room because I'm never usually interested in smelly stuff
  4. Oh my gosh I love Dodie and NotJustABlondeand (And now Melanie) I saw the video in my subscription box and got a tad over-excited.
  5. Okay so I've just returned from a ski trip in Italy and Fedez was on the radio a lot and one time we were having lunch in a mountain restaurant and Beautiful Disaster came on and I swear I almost did a backflip And also the Italian guys on the table next to me started rapping to it and when it got to the chorus I scream-sung it and they couldn't speak English so we had a little arrangement going on where I did the English and they did the Italian I am hopeless at singing thought so it was a Beautiful Disaster... ehhh. See what I did there?
  6. Welcome! I absolutely love Last Party too
  7. A while ago in England on an advert for a tv show called something like 'Big Brides', Big Girl was playing and I basically backflipped out of my seat.
  8. This morning my brother was watching Gossip Girl at 4am for some reason and I woke up somehow to the sound of Happy Ending and I got out of bed and began an interpretive dance around the room and my Mum was trying to sleep so she came in a threw a shoe at me and I was really tired so when I fell over I must have slept because I woke up later on in the same position
  9. Oh my gosh thank you this is wonderful I am now going to live in Wonkaland. May I ask how it got it's name?
  10. So a while ago I edited some photos of Mika. Enjoy:
  11. Guys why is all we care about those damn prickly tortelinis?! It's the end of the NpiH tour, get your acts together
  12. Welcome! There are people from loads of different countries in the MFC so I'm sure you'll get to meet people from around the world
  13. Apparently there were over 100 MFCers there! Wow
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