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  1. Hello dear Moderators! I want to create a fanclub of one great artist that I like a lot. And I wish it'd function the same way as does our MikaFanClub. I mean the way how forums are represented, in one word, everything. How and where can I do that?

  3. The mixed Talk about you / Sarà perche ti amo Mika and Pupo was just brilliant, but ... toooo short
  4. OMG guys!!!!! Just found out that my favorite (after Mika of course) singer Jack Savoretti will be on the next episode of Stasera Casa Mika!!!! You know how exiting that is??? BTW, he is an Italian-English Singer! Can't wait for Tuesday!
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeaaaaah another program in french!!! Oh j'adore!!!
  6. The cover looks soooo delicios!! ​
  7. Thanks a lot, Eriko! Great to have all of them here ​
  8. My Dear Good Guys , do you have a separate video of a moment, when Goupil is talking to Mika in pajama? I enjoyed it so much and definitely want to rewatch this many times without uploading the whole "La Suite" video. Thanks in advance!
  9. OMG, Dying from laughing! Can't imagine how was The Voice before Mika. Darkness without Light.
  10. That's great, Eriko! I loved this songs from the times I watched one of my favorite movies - Rainman
  11. Mika: "Moi, je parle beaucoup de langues... mal" - This is epic
  12. Hey, Stars! Yes, all Mika's songs target directly the heart and Rain especially. Welcome to MFC!