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    I miss the days when it was possible to decide at the last minute that you cross the borders of three countries to see your favourite musician live, when all you had to do was to buy a bus ticket, book a hotel room and enjoy the trip... :making-a-wish: 

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    2. teenagedreamer98


      Apart from seeing my friends and family, concerts are the things I miss most.  I truly miss having something to look forward to - the anticipation before the gig, meeting other fans, enjoying the live music.  I long for the day when concerts return.  At least the vaccine gives us some hope...

    3. giraffeandy


      @teenagedreamer98 Me too, concerts and travels are the things that give me the most joy, that I always look forward to and that make me happy for many days...  :emot-sad: I know there are bigger problems, at least I can see the majority of my family because I live with them so I'm not alone but I really miss these things. I miss the excitement, the tiredness, the anticipation, the planning, all of it. 

    4. giraffeandy


      Even the discomfort like sleeping on a bus and waking up so tired but you don't really care (or you do but not for a long time :teehee:),because you arrived at a new destination... Even these little things. 

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