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  1. Relax in Polish radio station RFM MF


    I'm coming back from work. I decide to enter a shop with clothes. I'm entering the shop.

    I hear "Relax, take it easy....." I am so used to hear Mika's songs at home that I don't pay attention.

    I start to sing (not out loud of course). After a few steps I stop suddenly. 

    I realize I am not at home!!!!!!!!!!!!! The song comes from the radio!!!!!!!

    I am shocked. I don't know - maybe it's just a CD???

    No, it's a radio!!!!! 

    I'm taking my Mikaphone and recording 30 seconds of the song. To have proof. To be sure I am not dreaming :lol3:


    Yes, Mika fans. In Poland you don't hear Mika in the medias :shocked:  Except "Relax" every  2 years...

    I have a right to be in a state of shock!!!!!!! 


    Now I am OK. The shock is over :das:  And I am happy!!!!!!

    Is it normal? Should I go to see a doctor?




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    2. Anna Ko Kolkowska
    3. Dominika


      Też słyszałam. Jak zwykle ten sam utwór :sneaky2:

    4. Dominika


      A tak w ogóle witaj @Julie16:bye: Fajnie, że pojawiła się kolejna polska fanka tutaj, bo jest nas tutaj niewiele :biggrin2: Od jak dawna znasz Mikę i jak w ogóle się na niego natknęłaś?