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  1. Are you looking for a picture of the Merch stand? If so, there is one in this post:
  2. Well to me this sums up the difference perfectly! One is about sexual attraction, the other about romantic possibility. And I think in that bar scenario both could happen. You can see someone in a bar and feel sexually attracted to them or start fantasizing about your wedding to them (or is that just me :D). But the vibe is also completely different I think. 30 Secondes is very gentle and careful and overthinking almost. Like he is trying to be brave and just go for it but his brain is thinking about all the consequences. And he is hyping himself up with "Hey let's go in front of the whole world, it's worth it" but in reality he is worried about judgement of others or rejection. While Touche Touche is a completely free expression of desire. He really doesn't care if other people see or judge ("too bad for those who are envious"). I also have this image that Touche Touche is about someone you've been with for a long time. That's just a personal feeling though, there's nothing in the lyrics that indicates this. Maybe because it reminds me of BBB so I have this image of two lovers sneaking away together instead of two strangers meeting for the first time. I just realized maybe it's also because there is not shyness or fear of rejection in it. He is sure the other person is gonna want the same thing
  3. Hello and Welcome! Thank you for the video. I just moved it here since this is where we are collecting reviews of the gig.
  4. Is that Jo Brand speaking for the intro of Big Girl?? That's so fitting He might have asked her to do it when they were filming The Piano Christmas special.
  5. No that's from the Zodi et Tehu soundtrack. Cute idea to use this! It's "Tehu's Theme" to be exact or the drunk camel song as I like to call it.
  6. We have an extra thread that you could post this in as well: I just edited out the prices as we are technically not allowed to sell tickets on here! Good luck
  7. There already is a full translation of this interview on the first page of this thread: https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/36715-mika-as-a-guest-on-radio-scoop-france-18-january-2024/?do=findComment&comment=4292888 This is the part that I think you are referring to: Man: Yes it's true you sold Clairmont very well (laughs) He insists on it. Artists often get questions about how they feel before they release an album, but never after. What about you? Your album was out at the beginning of December, how do you feel about it now almost at the end of January just before the tour starts? Mika: What I like a lot is that each person has different favorite songs. The other thing is like as it is in French I was afraid regarding the international market and even if it was released only in a few countries. There are special editions out in other countries like for example in Japan and what's funny is that everything is written in Japanese and translated into Japanese. But there is something really great that's starting to happen: we already started being asked for synching the music for [TV] series in the US. Man: Waoh Mika: And honestly I love the idea that you can erase and break down this idea of fronteers "If you do this it will cut you from this part of...no one will be interested in England Well...it doesn't matter...now you have to express yourself in a totally different way, in a unique way, create your music following your own story and it means that it will stay true and maybe it will evolve a bit in an improbable way but it stays interesting. But like Deb said, I'm pretty sure he just means that after releasing the French album he was approached by tv people (including American ones) about the rights to the songs so they can use them in tv shows and stuff.
  8. Oui, tu as raison. Dire que tu as une billet c'est bien, c'est seulement le mot "vendre" que nous pourrait donner des difficultés
  9. Came here to say the same thing!! What other 18 year old boy would be able to perform a sensual love song by Edith Piaf about an affair with a man with such confidence and authenticity. And you can see Mika was smitten as well. Remarkable and delightful indeed!!
  10. Ahh ok that makes sense, I get it. I mean by the way he phrased it I just assumed the game involved some wild imagining where you really think about what it would be like falling in love with the other person (whether you describe it out loud or not). It's not just "hey that guy is hot". But that's an assumption from my side And even if you don't act on it it still creates a sort of tension in your mind, a "what if" scenario. To me it even makes more sense in the context of the song if the idea came from a moment of vague, one sided attraction as it feels similar to "I see you". Although it goes a step further because I see you is just "Oh I like you but I could never tell you" and 30 Secondes at least goes "I like you, what if I actually did something about it". But it still lives in that uncertain in between stage. But like I said, I definitely know what you mean! And I do think that his songs are often inspired by several things and he just picks the ones that he feels most comfortable sharing which is fair enough.
  11. I mean the question is just "You have lost your accent as opposed to Jane Birkin". And then he seems to get offended on Jane Birkin's behalf and says that what she had wasn't an accent, it was something nicer. But then like you said, he goes on a rant about how having an accent is cool anyway soo... bit contradictory
  12. Oh it's interesting that you feel this way. Why does the setting make it feel less romantic to you? To me it makes perfect sense and is exactly the scene I picture when listening to the song. It's about potential so the moment when you see someone (for example in a bar) and just get hit by a feeling and within seconds you create a whole story in your mind and a million possibilities flash before your eyes. Of course that has to do with physical attraction but it's also a feeling you get when someone smiles at you kindly or expresses a common interest or whatever. And what makes it so thrilling but also nerve-wrecking is that you don't know what's gonna happen. You have to take those 30 seconds of risk just in the faint hope that they might change your life. But you don't know if you're gonna spend the rest of your life with that person or have an awkward one night stand with them or they're just gonna laugh in your face or anything else in between. Basically you don't know if that random good-looking stranger might potentially become a special person but just the prospect of it is so wonderful that it makes taking that risk worth it. That's very romantic to me
  13. WAIT how did I not know that??! 7 whole episodes of Mika and Lang Lang?? YES PLEASE!!
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